Men don't like witty women (even if they tell you otherwise)

You may have heard that men love sharp-tongued women. Well, it may very well be, but only if the woman turns out to be pretty. This is evidenced by the results of a study recently published by the Royal Society Open Science.

Scientists decided to test how the creativity and wit of middle-aged women affect their chances of being liked by men. In the course of a series of experiments, it was found out that these qualities can harm an upcoming date even more than if a woman simply keeps silent. At the same time, external data - a figure, an open smile, the absence of visible defects - invariably evoke a positive response in men, allowing the girl to receive a higher rating.

It is also interesting that this rule does not work in the opposite direction. That is, women are ready to lose sight of the flaws in appearance if a man seems to them to be cheerful and truly creative. “Surveys have shown that creative men with less attractive faces receive nearly as many attractiveness points as classic handsome men, ” lead author Christopher Watkins told AFP.

According to Watkins, these decisions are often involuntary and subconscious, and are a consequence of evolutionary biology, which forces us to seek the best mate to create offspring. The expert also noted that women are more selective in choosing a life partner than men. That is why they choose those who can make them laugh, since a sense of humor is one of the hallmarks of intelligence.

But is everything really so banal, and only a beautiful shell is really important for men? It depends on what we mean by the word "beautiful". Medical Daily cites data from a 2016 study that showed that men have special standards of attractiveness.

So, most of them are not happy with thin women, preferring girls with an hourglass figure to them. Returning to evolution, this is understandable: prominent breasts and wide hips have long been considered a sign of fertility. And even despite the fact that fragile female figures with protruding collarbones and teenage knees are in fashion today, these subconscious male desires have remained unchanged for thousands of years.