5 subtle signs of a dehydrated body

For the hundredth time, we will repeat what you already know: for the normal functioning of all body systems, you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. Except for a few cases, which we have already talked about. The nice bonus is that it is sufficient hydration that can accelerate weight loss, while a lack of water in the body worsens overall health and leads to the exact opposite effect.

Do you “moisturize” your body enough or not? In this post, we've collected five subtle signs of dehydration to keep in mind.

You have difficulty thinking

Can't quit? Forgetting facts? Before you get down to business, sit and look at one point on the monitor? Maybe it's time for you to drink a glass of cool water. “One of the most important things that water does is deliver nutrients to the brain and flush out toxins from it, ” dietitian Jamie Sheahan tells Daily Burn. "Ultimately, if you don't drink enough, it can lead to some kind of fogginess in the head that interferes with cognitive processes."

Research shows that dehydration can also reduce concentration, cause headaches, and impair your ability to remember.

Your lips are often chapped

Dry, chapped lips are a sure sign of cold weather, with rain / snow and wind as its must-haves. However, dehydration can also force you to seek lip balm every five minutes. When our body lacks fluid, it removes the available water from the least important areas (such as the lips) and then moves it to the most important organs (such as the heart and brain). The result is obvious. More precisely, just on the face.

Your training has become more difficult

If you’re doing everything right, snacking before or after exercising and getting enough sleep for a week, but your fitness activity still seems more difficult to you than before, it is possible that it is due to a lack of fluid. Dehydration can actually affect athletic performance, causing fatigue, stamina and motivation.

In one study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, scientists analyzed the amount of water lost in relation to body weight, and the symptoms it can lead to. As a result, it was found that with a loss of only 2-3% of water, the overall performance of a person begins to decline sharply, and habitual training, as a result, requires more energy consumption than usual.

Your mood often changes

PMS and stress overload aren't the only reasons mood can change at the speed of light. Among other things, this may indicate that you need water and as soon as possible. A study by the University of Connecticut laboratory showed that even slow dehydration can negatively affect mood. In other words, a glass of water is the guarantee of your smile for the whole day.

You are attracted to sweets

When you feel weak and lethargic, the first thing we can assume is that you go in search of a protein bar or juicy fruit that will stabilize the sharp drop in blood sugar levels. Experts say this is because people who experience mild dizziness tend to attribute it to symptoms of hunger rather than thirst.

It is useful to consider here that dizziness, increased weakness and shortness of breath are also symptoms of dehydration. But be careful: if the weakness seems abnormal to you, and the pulse is rapid at this time, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.