Beauty on the red carpet requires sacrifice

How do stars on the red carpet look so good? How do women move around in super-revealing dresses and what do they wear underneath them? We open the veil of secrecy over how to build the perfect image (except for a personal trainer, makeup artists, stylists, designers and hairdressers.

Kim Kardashian loves bold outfits and photo shoots. Masking tape helps to fix the chest and give it a beautiful star shape.

Actress Nicole Richie wears a silicone strapless bra that gives her breasts a beautiful shape (albeit not the same as masking tape).

As you know, Tom Cruise's height is 170 centimeters. To look better next to tall colleagues, the actor wears heels.

According to Lenny Kravitz, real rock stars wear leather pants only on their naked bodies. Once his pants were torn right on stage, and the fans at the concert (and after them the whole world) saw the genitals of the musician.

There are dresses that you can't wear a bra under - in such cases, stars, including Emma Watson, use silicone nipple stickers.

It's incredible, but famous actresses sweat too. To prevent sweat from spoiling expensive outfits and photos from social events, Jessica Biel folds napkins under her arm and takes them out just before going out on the red carpet.


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