An easy way to understand if your body is spreading bad odor

Surely each of us can name a couple of people who constantly exude a not very pleasant smell. When we meet with them, we think: “Well, how can this be! If I were in his place, I would wash more often, or use another deodorant! "

The problem, however, is that most people don't smell their own scent unless they have spent the day as extreme as possible (say shoveling manure). The receptors in your nose, which in their normal state are quite capable of recognizing any aromas, practically cease to perceive the smell that "bombards" them for too long. For the same reason, people find it difficult to understand how their home smells - the sense of smell quickly gets used to the familiar smell.

So. Not to scare or shock you, but maybe you still smell, all the time, or when you sweat. Either way, there is an easy way to help your nose smell your body. All it takes is a good sniff of a cup of coffee.

Coffee gives off a strong one-component scent that gives your nose receptors a short respite from breathing in all day (your own body). That is why bowls of coffee are often placed in perfume stores. You can try one flavor, clear the receptors with coffee, then try another flavor. Plus, coffee is readily available in the break room at almost any workplace. You can always sleep a little before retiring and sniffing yourself.

And as an added bonus, if the news is not very pleasant, a cup of pleasant drink will help soften the blow.