10 myths about the difficulties of a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, an abbreviation that has recently become so popular that only a person who has retired from the world does not speak about it (and he just leads such a lifestyle!). And, like everything fashionable, healthy lifestyle quickly grew into legends. Many believe that it is impossible to maintain such an image in modern conditions, but they are trying to find an answer to the question: how to be healthy. We will not even consider the legends that a healthy lifestyle is a rejection of all joys, constant sports and endless hardening. Yes, a healthy lifestyle means giving up bad habits, playing sports and hardening. But all this should be joyful!

Let's take a look at ten reasons many believe make it unrealistic to live a healthy life, and ways to help you achieve them.

Myth 1: incompatibility of healthy lifestyle and the rhythm of life

A resident of the city does not have the opportunity to sleep well, he is constantly at work, because in order to achieve career growth, you have to burn at work. Stress does not add health, and they cannot be avoided. Computer at work, computer at home. The lack of exercise is evident. At lunchtime - fast food, in the evening - semi-finished products, usually sausages or dumplings. And the evening series, the next episode of which you will discuss tomorrow at work during smoke breaks.

What's real? You can save up to an hour on smoke breaks. So quit smoking. And use this gained hour to replace at least part of the way to work with walking. If you got there by car, then avoid traffic jams, if by public transport, then the morning crowd. Can you imagine how many nerve cells you will save ?! For lunch - salad. They are in any cafe. Of course, if there is an opportunity, it is better to take food from home, but often this is not possible. And in the evening, as an option, boiled chicken or fish. Cooking is quick and easy: come home, set it to cook. While you wash - change clothes, everything is ready! What about TV shows? Do you need them? Favorite music is better. And sleep.

Myth 2: HLS is constant diets

What is called a diet? Temporary restriction of the diet. Diet food is not tasty, one sight of the contents of the plate is disheartening.

And a healthy lifestyle is forever. This is a constant power supply according to the chosen scheme. Healthy eating is delicious, just choose what works best for you. For example, the Mediterranean diet is a model of good nutrition.

Myth 3: HLS is constant control over actions

Stress is an integral part of our life. We need to relax! And a healthy lifestyle does not allow purely Russian relaxation.

How really? The ability to distract yourself from a stressful situation, not to worry about trifles is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle. You can call it meditation, you can call it concentration. Or you can fulfill the Evening Rule and pray. By the way, prayers are used in all religions as a way to get out of a stressful situation. What about alcohol? A glass of wine with a loved one or girlfriends - what's wrong or unhealthy? And the ability to control the situation will always help.

Myth 4: Healthy lifestyle does not agree with Russian traditions

In a healthy lifestyle as a way of life, there are all kinds of practices that are not consistent with Christianity, this is yoga, vegetarianism, fasting.

If you are Orthodox, then with a careful and thoughtful analysis of the basics, it is quite legitimate to consider Christianity as a healthy lifestyle. Fasting as a restriction in food is, first of all, a refusal to eat food of animal origin (here is vegetarianism), in fasts there are days of complete refusal of food (fasting). Well, what sports exercises you will use, martial arts or chopping wood, your choice, consistent with the possibilities. The main thing is that it should be a regular activity and bring satisfaction.

Myth 5: Healthy lifestyle for young people

With age, habits and taste preferences are formed. Rebuilding yourself is very difficult. So let the young begin to build a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, in youth everything is easier. And it is even better to start a healthy lifestyle from birth. But the elderly have more free time, which means they can afford walks, extra time to experiment at the stove. And we do not always think about our health when we are young. So start a healthy lifestyle today!

Myth 6: with a genetic predisposition to the disease, no healthy lifestyle will help

Of course, there are serious genetic diseases that cannot be avoided. But in this case, a healthy lifestyle will help to keep yourself in a vigorous state, to ease the course of the disease. Well, those diseases that you have a tendency to, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, can be avoided. After all, proper nutrition is one of the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Myth 7: Healthy lifestyle is too rational and boring

Nightclubs, smoking, drinking help to relax, but a healthy lifestyle does not allow it.

Just apathy and depression are the result of poor diet and bad habits. Do not confuse cause and effect. If you stick to a healthy lifestyle, there will be less depression. Well, boredom is not possible at all.

Myth 8: if you lead a healthy lifestyle, the likelihood of starting a family decreases, you have few friends

You eat according to some schemes, you eat salads at parties. What kind of man can handle it? Well, your smart appearance acts on women like a red rag on a bull.

But this is generally complete nonsense. You are always cheerful, smiling, men like you. Why not start a family? Eating a healthy diet, playing sports and walking together only strengthens family relationships. And friends will be happy to ask you for a "diet for weight loss." A healthy lifestyle involves a complete cessation of smoking. Why not join your family and friends?

Myth 9: HLS is too costly for the budget

Nutrition: with proper nutrition, the menu contains salmon, salmon, fresh meat and other delights. Physical activity: you need to visit gyms, subscriptions to which are expensive. Sports equipment for the home (for example, a treadmill) is generally inaccessible.

Fish can be easily replaced with any budget option. White chicken meat is a completely dietary product, much cheaper and healthier than sausage. Cabbage in any form is healthier than exotic. And avocado and passion fruit will completely replace our apples and berries. We do not recommend cheap gyms (such can be found). But now, gyms for various sports are welcomed in many organizations. Subscriptions in them are inexpensive, free options for employees are possible. Well, it's better to run in the park - it's healthier. And cleaning the apartment will replace fitness.

Myth 10: why all this is necessary if there is no immediate result (weight loss, recovery)?

Healthy lifestyle is a myth. I want to lose weight, but there is no result. I'd better look for some miraculous diet, but sports are generally contraindicated for me.

We remind you once again that a healthy lifestyle is not a fashionable diet, it is a way of life. And if you really want to go on a diet, you can choose one that is quite consistent with a healthy diet, for example, a fasting diet for 7 days. When starting this lifestyle, you must understand that you need to give up bad habits and unhealthy diet, to do at least light physical exercise. You will get rid of extra pounds. Your figure will be slim and fit (this is more important than a couple of extra pounds). You will enjoy life.

And there are many more pluses: clean and healthy skin, shiny hair, elastic muscles. High efficiency, good family relationships, healthy children. Isn't that happiness?