Today we have compiled a list of foods that have a beneficial effect on human health. Plus, the products on the list are delicious and many of them are readily available at your nearest outlet.

Healthy foods

Low-calorie foods

Minimum calories for weight loss or light snacks: tomatoes, seaweed, cucumbers, herbs, mushrooms, lean white fish, citrus fruits.

Hearty foods

Following a proper diet, you should distinguish between heavy foods and nourishing foods. Nourishing include boiled potatoes, oatmeal, durum wheat pasta, oranges, beans, whole grain bread, fish, apples.

Foods to protect against surges in blood sugar

Fresh berries, skim milk, lentils, mushrooms, lettuce.

Beauty products

Pure water, avocado, olive oil, linseed oil, almonds.

Foods that have a positive effect on the body's water resources

Green tea, lingonberries, berry fruit drinks and lemonades without sugar, celery and juice from it, orange juice diluted with water.

Low fat foods

Low-fat cottage cheese, exclusively boiled chicken offal, seafood, sea-dwellers perch and tuna.

Foods that are pleasant to eat

Juicy, aromatic vegetables and fruits, especially those that crunch while you eat them - apples, carrots, bell peppers, celery, etc.; whipped dairy products without sugar, low-fat chicken pate, juicy berries, fruit puree.

Products at hand

Natural Bars, Bananas, Cereal Breads, Small Packaged Low Fat Dairy Products, Nuts and Dried Fruit.

Fitness and Bodywork Products

Natural low-fat cheese, diet cottage cheese with very low% fat, fresh white fish, all types of legumes, egg white.

Products that support you in difficult times

Real dark chocolate without additives at least 75% cocoa, nuts and dates, tomato salad with olive oil.

It should be noted that all of the listed products are focused on weight loss or maintaining its normal state. You can also use these products during active physical activity, but in different bundles and in different proportions. In any case, daily consumption of these foods will strengthen your health and make your life better.