Mobile calls are issued by our complexes

What melody sounds from your mobile phone? A touching song of a mammoth, a heavy guitar riff, or maybe the sounds of the jungle? Psychologists say that this or that type of call is a very important detail of our image, to the choice of which we are very anxious. Perhaps, without realizing it, we declare our taste, attitude towards ourselves and others, ambitions, and also bring out a piece of our innermost world for everyone to see.

The ability to choose a melody for each subscriber has already been recognized by psychotherapy. What, if not a small personal revenge, becomes a vile siren or a grunt of a pig when, for example, the authorities call?

So, this is how your mobile melody characterizes you.

▪ Classical piece ("Fugue" by Bach, "Dance of the Knights of Montague and Capulet", melody from "The Nutcracker", etc.). You have an overwhelmingly developed sense of proportion. One can only envy your striving for universal harmony. Almost always and everything you do the way it should, and for the most part, everything works out for you, "like people." Sometimes you are twisted by boredom, and against its background - apathy, you begin to delve into yourself. But the rule "the morning is wiser than the evening" works on you flawlessly and you flutter out of depression, as if nothing had happened. By the way, most likely, you have a very distant relationship to classical music and the cultural sphere in general.

▪ Loud melody with an abundance of low frequencies, melodic guitar riff or standard telephone trill. You are stubborn and value reliability above all else. Accuracy. "Kvadratish - prakish - gut". As a rule, you strive for peace, measuredness and balance.

Especially in the mornings - after a stormy party. You do not like to consider yourself an unrestrained person, therefore, you either hide sharp changes in your mood, or find them an "unkillable" explanation. It's not that you think others are more stupid than you are, but from time to time you still experience doubts about the intelligence of your environment. However, you love your loved ones despite all their shortcomings.

▪ Jokes, phrases from Masyanya, slogans, songs with shocking texts, sounds of the animal world. You are often considered to be eccentric and eccentric. You don't really like it, but you usually don't argue. Standing out from the crowd is your thing, often subconscious. You are a maximalist and alternativeist in your passions. Sometimes your taste is even shocking - it does not fit your occupation and social status so much. You explain this by the fact that you do not like the mainstream. Although sometimes you admit to yourself that you are overdoing it with showing off.

▪ Classics of Western rock (hits of Doors, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.). You like the scale and small deviations from the norm - within the limits of reason and law. You are not a supporter of delinquency at all. You like to keep things according to the rules, otherwise it’s not your game. You are a "classic classic lover" to the core. And you're also a music lover.

▪ Music from movie hits. Sometimes you are surprised. Then everything seems predictable, predictable, and then suddenly how surprised. The people around you, numb, look after you, and you, fluffing the tail of a peacock, proudly walk along the sidewalk. You love expensive and cheap effects - why hide. And you know how to use them well.

▪ "Rock-pop" repertoire (Zemfira, Tokio Hotel, Mika, Moby). You are a lover of everything new. You are curious and try to keep up with the times. Keeping track of his new achievements is your hobby. You are a man of addicts. You rarely get bored, because you will always find something to occupy yourself with or something to get carried away with.

▪ Anything from the Romantic Collectio or "Disco 80s". You are conservative, sentimental and value comfort very much. You should live somewhere out of town, in a cozy house, in the circle of family and friends - and be lazy all day. But this is your own delusion.

When you find yourself far from civilization, the noise of the big city and its other entertainments, you start to fade pretty quickly.

▪ Popular modern melodies (Russian and Western). You, like a magpie, are greedy for everything bright and shiny. You will see, immediately lose control over yourself and drag to your nest. It doesn't matter that the object that captivated you may not be useful later - aesthetics are more important for you than functionality. You are very impulsive, easily addicted and cool down quickly.

▪ Anthem of the Russian Federation. Apparently, you are a young man with a good sense of humor.

Manners of Speaking

▪ A person holds a pipe in his right hand, pressing it to his right ear - this is evidence of sincerity, trustfulness and sociability.

▪ Hearing the call of the mobile, the person automatically gets up and conducts a conversation only while standing - he is straightforward, decisive, able to concentrate all his forces on the goal.

▪ The tube is pressed with the shoulder to the ear, the hands remain free - in addition to the tendency to osteochondrosis, this gives the quickness of thought, the ability to quickly determine priorities, to calculate one's own actions a few steps ahead.

▪ The tube is in the right hand, but pressed against the left ear - evidence of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

▪ During a conversation, a free hand clasps the head - a sign of complete harmony with oneself and the outside world.