What people who hide emotions are experiencing

Every person has feelings. But sometimes they are untimely or intimidating, so you have to pack them in a suitcase, put them on the shelf of storage of emotions and leave them until you need them again. These are the problems faced by those who hide their feelings.

1. Panic when someone says they want to get to know you better

If this phrase sounds in your head along with ten sirens, emotions are not well packed and need to be re-evaluated.

2. Do something immoral to understand that you don't feel anything

This is a pretty old trick, but it won't stop you even if the other person feels uncomfortable.

3. Decide that you are a monster because you hate anyone who shows interest

Is there anything more repulsive than when someone admits they like you? Of course not!

4. Swearing with those who say that you are acting like a man

Especially if the relationship is interesting to you not as love, but only as sex. I wonder why a man can be emotionally bankrupt, and a woman is obliged to love every partner? There is nothing wrong with just having sex from time to time.

5. Deny feelings, even if they are very real

You're not stupid, you're just sure that this whole “I don't feel anything” facade protects you from the passions of the outside world. And inside, feelings just tear you apart!

6. Want to run away when it opens up to you

You hide emotions, but this does not mean that everyone around should do the same. One day he will start telling you a serious story from his past, and you will do the right thing: you will sit and listen, not think over an escape plan.

7. Don't apologize when he asks why you are so distant

By saying “I’m not moving away, I’m just very tired, ” you finally get to the point that you need to either disperse or open up.

8. Feel lonely

Emotions can be hidden as far as you like, but you still remain human! What if being alone keeps you from opening up? Someday it will happen, but definitely not now.

9. Worry about feelings that you cannot control

Inside you, you are constantly working to hide your feelings, but they pop out like from Pandora's box. And you hope they stay there until you need to return to them.