An alternative to morning coffee

It is not necessary to start the morning with a cup of aromatic coffee with a bitter taste. Other drinks or foods will also help you wake up and act cheerfully. They will add some variety to your morning hours or lunch breaks. The list includes both popular ingredients and, probably, little-known ones.

Chicory. The coffee tastes like a drink made with chicory. In addition to the aroma and a small proportion of bitterness inherent in coffee, it has a positive effect on health, promotes a better metabolism. There is practically no caffeine in chicory, but it "wakes up" due to the presence of vitamin B.

Green tea + chocolate. It is likely that for some, the combination of these products will seem inappropriate. However, their symbiosis gives the body an excellent boost of energy and vivacity. Green tea and dark chocolate are high in antioxidants. Plus to them substances that have a stimulating effect on a person. Here we get an energetic.

Cocoa. Cocoa, pleasantly tasty from childhood, contains a little caffeine (up to 5 mg), and is full of a wide variety of useful substances.

Lemongrass. The disinfecting and antidepressant properties of lemongrass have been known for a long time. It goes well with berry syrups and honey. By brewing just a little dry lemongrass, we get not only an invigorating result, but also a healing effect.

Sage. Botanical scientists argue that coffee is not the most "powerful" energetic. Sage has a powerful tonic effect. He also, in addition, promotes concentration of attention.

Ginger drink. Ginger is considered not only a tonic, but also an antiviral product. Fresh ginger tea with lemon and honey will have a beneficial effect on the energy level of the human body and its immune system.

Tea with Indian spices - masala. This tea is prepared in milk with the addition of several spices popular in India. It warms well, adds vigor and has a positive effect on the work of blood vessels and the heart.

Fresh citrus juice. Replacing the morning intake of a drink from coffee beans with citrus juice can be recommended for those who do not suffer from ailments in the digestive organs. In other cases, freshly squeezed juice from any citrus fruit will give an invigorating effect, saturate the body with vitamins and various "benefits".

Bananas. Bananas will not be superfluous in this list. Just a couple of pieces - and you are full, having received a portion of calories. It is not recommended to consume a lot of them: deposits on the figure will increase, but ground in a blender with a small amount of yogurt, they will become an excellent substitute for an energy coffee drink.

Carob drink. This little familiar word "caroba" means fruits that grow on a sprawling carob tree. It is most commonly found in Mediterranean climates. Powdered seeds (fruits) from the pods resemble cocoa and are often used precisely as a substitute. They taste sweet, with a high content of vitamins and all kinds of trace elements. It is believed that using a drink made from carob can achieve a greater effect than from coffee.

Nuts. A handful of nuts eaten for breakfast, of course, will not work for you like a cup of brewed ground coffee beans, but the resulting number of calories will provide energy for almost the entire working day. Nuts are very rich in useful components and have a beneficial effect on health.

Eggs. Boiled eggs are high in protein. It will not only help muscle growth, but also keep you vigorous for a long time. The only precaution is not to overuse this product due to the presence of cholesterol.