The reverse side of sex: 10 unpleasant moments in sex

What are the strangest and most unpleasant things that happen in sex? Surely you will name a couple right off the bat!

Here's what other people said:

“Sometimes when he's on top, I think he looks ugly from that angle. Therefore, I love to look at men when I am on top. But then I thought: what if they think the same about me? "

“Nobody gets an orgasm all the time. A woman may not get it at all, a man may not be in the mood either. And this is not a mistake of any of them. "

"When, after intense sex, no one has the strength to go to the shower or change the sheets."

"Unexpected little things: what only one likes, an accidental forehead bump, sleep after sex in an uncomfortable position."

“The first handsome men with inflated self-esteem usually do not represent anything interesting in bed. At the same time, they think that they are doing you a favor! "

"The first time never looks the way you imagine."

"In missionary position, the chest sometimes makes a fart sound."

“It's hard to have an orgasm at the same time. Most likely, one partner will have to wait for the other, and both do not like it. "

“You have to sweat in sex. It’s unpleasant when his sweat drips into your face. ”

"You can get pregnant from sex"