Why smart women find it hard to find a man

Sometimes intelligent and intelligent women look intimidating to men, they seem unapproachable and not interested in meeting men.

But often this is due not only to the subjective feeling of men, often such women, like an X-ray, see in advance all the inept attempts at courtship of men and their intentions. In fact, there are many reasons why smart women usually have difficulty finding a decent match for themselves.

Why is it difficult for smart women to find a man?

Smart women would rather be alone than with the wrong man. They know for sure which is better: the fear of being alone with themselves, or even worse, all the social consequences that can occur from living with a bad man.

Smart women are hyper-analytical. They know that compatibility is not only science, it is like art: half of solutions are cultivated by love and care, half is the chemistry of human compatibility. That is, you need a lot of conditions to determine whether you really fit together.

Smart women actually have enough funds to be able to live independently - and often prefer independence.

The personal interests of smart women go beyond dating and always compete with attention. They are busy and do not always have time for daily meetings and dates, which is often a key component of finding the right person (simple trial and error).


Women do not stop at what they have achieved. After 10 and 20 years of marriage, they will not remain the same. In fact, they strive for growth and change, which is what makes it difficult for them to choose a partner for a long life.

Smart women know how to protect themselves. They are not going to throw their hearts into a storm of love relationships, fearing that they will suffer serious moral trauma if they break up with a man. They will assess and determine if the risk is really worth it, and then they will act accordingly.