Why are we constantly nervous?

Each of us has acquaintances who may start to worry about trifles. And even if they solve another problem, they immediately start to get nervous about other trifles. I would like to help such people cope with their worries on their own.

A famous philosopher once said that you need to live in the present, not the past or the future. After all, if you judge reasonably, the past cannot be returned, and the future has not yet arrived. Then why worry about past failures or future changes? You need to enjoy every second of the present and try to use these seconds and minutes as useful as possible for yourself and those around you. Many are worried about future changes, although in this case you need to think about what could really happen so terrible? And if such changes are really inevitable, then why worry in vain. Better to think about what we can do to avoid unpleasant changes. It will not be superfluous to keep a diary in which you can write down all the accumulated problems that need to be solved. And as they are solved, just put crosses in front of them. All this is done in order to clearly know your goals and problems. After all, many of us very often worry about little things that are not even worth our attention. I advise you to do something interesting so that there is simply no time to worry. It can be anything - cards, sports, music, dancing, etc.

I also advise you to reconsider your attitude towards things that seem very valuable and important to you. After all, over time, any thing that was dear to you can easily cease to seem so. This can be said about relationships with friends and acquaintances. We tend to overestimate certain things or actions of people very often. In many cases, we feel unfairly guilty. I think this is wrong. No need to worry about other people or situations that may not concern us at all. With such experiences, we only earn ourselves nervous and stomach diseases. Many still worry about possible problems at work, in the family, although this does not make sense at all. Even if you get fired from your job, you can find another, maybe even better job.

Very often, many women, sometimes men, suffer from an inferiority complex caused by Hollywood standards of beauty and ideal physique. Try to love yourself for who you are or improve, but just being nervous about your appearance is just silly. Another cause for concern is the opinions of others. You shouldn't care about public opinion. You still won't be able to adapt to those around you. Also, you should not be angry with your loved ones because of their shortcomings, after all, you also have them, just accept them properly. Your job is an important factor. It should bring not only income, but also pleasure. Unloved work only takes away extra hours of your life.

Finally, I would like to note, stop rushing. You need to live slowly, enjoying and receiving from her all the benefits and pleasures. Of course, you won't be able to become harmonious and calm right away. The main thing is to react adequately and calmly to it when a problem arises. And then everything will work out for you.