8 foods that can ruin your sex

There are foods that are perfect aphrodisiacs, and there are those that can reduce your arousal or interfere with gas, flatulence, and other non-sexual things.

So what should you avoid if you want to have a night of love?


Excess caffeine raises levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that will simply interfere with your relaxation and lower your libido.


Yes, and french fries also count. And popcorn from the cinema. Everything is simple here: they retain water in the body and provoke flatulence. Have you forgotten anything? Oh, here's another thing. Your orgasm depends on your circulation, among other things, and too much salt makes it difficult. Boys, do you understand?


Don't eat them. Especially after lunch. They digest too quickly, faster than what you ate at lunch, and this can cause cramps and pain, gas and general discomfort. Not at all what you want to experience on a night of love, right?


We have seen these scenes a million times in romantic comedies: one of the main characters drinks, falls into bed and immediately falls asleep. This is not just a plot twist, it happens in real life. Wine and beer increase levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone. You only need one glass of wine to relax. And after relaxation, the erection weakens, there are difficulties with orgasm and the chances of premature ejaculation increase.


Oh, she's great for kissing, but the researchers found it kills your desire and robs you of energy. And the air you swallow while chewing gum can cause hiccups. Do I need to remind you that the sight of a person with chewing gum in their mouth generally causes excitement in very few people?


If your gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to carbon dioxide, stay away from tonics and other carbonated drinks. Burping is the last thing you want to do on a romantic evening.


These cruciferous family members cause increased gut methane production, so either cook them thoroughly or you will temporarily become a gas producer.


The more testosterone, the stronger the arousal in both men and women. However, having too much soy in your diet can cause hormonal imbalances. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men who consume 120 grams of soy per day have reduced testosterone levels.

So what is there, then, you ask?

Eggs - they bring hormone levels back to normal and increase libido. Or foods containing zinc - oysters, pumpkin seeds. Or foods high in omega-3s like fish and nuts.