What is the biggest city in the world? Top 10 cities

There are a huge number of different large cities on our planet. And in this article we will tell you about the largest cities in the world.

1. Tokyo, 37.5 million.

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is currently the largest city in the world with a population of 37.5 million. It houses numerous cultural, financial and industrial centers throughout the country. It is located in the southeastern part of the island of Honshu.

2. Jakarta, 29, 9 million people [/ b]

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, confidently ranks second in the ranking. The city is home to more than 29, 9 million people, located on the coast of the island of Java.

[b] 3. Delhi, 24.1 million

One of the few cities that can boast of its historical value and together with this population of 24, 1 million people is the Indian capital Delhi. Throughout the territory there are a huge number of monuments, ancient architectural structures and places of cultural heritage. More than 60 thousand of them belong to the places of global importance.

4. Seoul, 22.9 million

The fourth place is taken by the capital of South Korea - Seoul. At the moment, 22, 9 million people live there. The city is one of the largest industrial and financial centers located on the Hangang River. In addition, 5 palaces of the Joseon Dynasty can be found on its territory.

5. Manila, 22.7 million

The Philippines is one of the most populous countries in the entire world. Therefore, it is not surprising that its capital, Manila, is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of 22.7 million.

6. Shanghai, 22.6 million

In this rating, of course, China cannot but be located. However, instead of the capital of the state, the ranking included Shanghai - a financial center of world importance. In addition, the entire Chinese elite is located here, as well as all culture and fashion are concentrated - the center of the secular life of the entire country.

7. Karachi, 21.5 million people

The Pakistani port city of Karachi is not only the main concentration of all corporations in the country, but is also one of the largest cities in the entire world. It is home to about 21.5 million people. At the same time, Karachi is also considered an important center of higher education in the Islamic world.

8. New York, 20.6 million

The American city of New York is known throughout the world for its multiple financial, economic, architectural and political centers of the country. Its territory is home to 20.6 million people. In addition to financial and economic centers, the city is an important cultural heritage, which has made a significant contribution to world cinema and theater.

9. Mexico City, 20.3 million

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and also the largest city in the world. The city is home to 20, 3 million people. Mexico City is the main cultural, economic and political center for the country. The city itself was built on the site of the destroyed city of the ancient Aztecs, which were destroyed by the Spanish conquerors. One of the main problems of the city is overcrowding, which is expressed in constant traffic collapses.

10. Sao Paulo, 20.2 million

The rating of the largest cities is closed by the capital of Brazil - Sao Paulo. The city is the largest settlement in the entire southern hemisphere of the Earth - it is home to 20, 2 million people. It is considered one of the most modern cities, which is completely built up with business centers, skyscrapers, multi-storey buildings, etc.