38 rules to write beautifully!

How to learn to write with beautiful handwriting, and in general, is it possible for everyone to learn to write beautifully? There is an opinion that beautiful handwriting is given to a person by nature. And the one who writes ugly and illegible can no longer learn to write.

1. Remember that in most cases the “about” link can be excluded.

2. The passive voice should be avoided.

3. Clarifications in brackets (albeit essential) are (usually) redundant.

4. Having poor grammar knowledge, complex constructions should be used with caution.

5. With regard to unfinished sentences ...

6. Those who end the sentence with a preposition, send to. Not for the sake of rudeness, but for the sake of order.

7. A one-word sentence? Poorly.

8. And don't start a proposal with a union.

9. NEVER capitalize words.

10. Check the spelling of words in the dictionary.

11. A metaphor is a nail in a shoe, and it is better to weed it out.

12. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.

13. An unnecessary analogy in the text is like a fur coat tucked into panties.

14. Do not use long words where short-sounding words can be used.

15. Who needs rhetorical questions?

16. A small remark about repetitions that sometimes occur in articles that appear in publications that are already overflowing with quotes that sometimes cloud the thought that the author wanted to express, about which we wanted to make this remark.

17. Shushukanye - fu. Leave it to the little ones.

18. Take care of the euphony of the phrase, you have more experience.

19. It would be interesting to impose a fine on non-laber-less people for incorrect spelling of vowels after prefixes.

20. One should not try not to avoid double denials.

21. Do not put two "not" in a row if it is not necessary.

22. The word “no” has no forms of change.

23. Colleagues of the address must be singled out somehow.

24. Which are subordinate clauses, must be composed correctly.

25. We want to note that the author of these lines does not recommend changing the person on whose behalf the presentation is being made.

26. Ending a sentence with a pronoun is bad style, that's not what it is for.

27. If the constructions are incomplete, it is bad.

28. The rule says that “indirect speech is not taken in quotation marks”.

29. Numbers up to 10 inclusive are better written in words.

30. There are one hundred twenty-five ways to decline numbers, but only one of them is correct

31. Restraint is always the absolute best way to present great ideas.

32. Be more or less specific.

33. Does the style change the order of speech?

34. This is for you, the author, (you cannot interrupt the narration in an unexpected place) it is clear what will be discussed further, but have pity on people, do not force them to reread.

35. When using a verbal adverbial turnover, always separate it with commas.

36. Put the correct dashes – long dashes with spaces, and the hyphen is slightly shorter, without spaces.

37. The answer is no to the question of whether a question mark is put in a sentence with interrogative indirect speech?

38. Repeatedly repeating all repetitive words of the same root is a tautology - an unnecessary excess.