60 small steps to a better life in 100 days

How to change your life? Another guide to action to improve your life and put in order not only your thoughts, but also your things. As we know, everything is interconnected: if you lower your head and slouch, you immediately feel insecure. But as soon as you raise your head even in a bad mood, straighten your shoulders and smile, everything changes around you and you are already the kings of the ball.

In order to change your life (and in any direction), you need very little - just start acting. But this “simple” is not always that simple. Sometimes we know what to do, but these actions seem intimidating to us. And sometimes we have no clear plan, no understanding of how to make this plan. Perhaps these 60 little steps will help you finally start doing something. And even if after 20 steps you realize that this is not your plan, you will already be ready to make your own plan. The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing?