10 rules of a real woman

10 universal rules that a real lady follows - and she is followed by enchanted and admired men, friends, girlfriends and even enemies.

1. A Real Woman attracts men with her inner state - first of all.

Appearance, intelligence, age, social status, character traits - all this, in fact, is deeply secondary. The state that attracts men is your enjoyment of yourself and your life. Enjoying yourself is not an easy art, but once you master it, you become a powerful magnet.

2. Love for a man begins with love for yourself.

Usually we think the other way around: "When someone loves me, then I will love myself." But until the Woman has an affair with herself, every man will be just a psychotherapist for her, trying to cure her from rejection of herself and the fear of being left alone. True, deep love arises from the state of being filled with oneself. Then love for a man will be born in its highest manifestation - as a gift of oneself to him, and not as a desperate attempt to be needed by someone in order to feel their own usefulness.

3. A man does not love the Woman herself, but his condition next to her.

STATE. A woman who creates a special state in men - masculine - will always have success and admirers. A man will reach for this special state like a magnet. A real Woman cultivates femininity in herself in order to bestow it on men (beloved, admirers, friends, acquaintances, just passers-by). Therefore, a Real Woman is not at all the most beautiful, not at all the most intelligent and certainly not at all the most successful in social terms. A real Woman gives a man not a mind, not beauty, not a body, not successes, but a state.

4. The desire to love is born within.

It, as a rule, has nothing to do with whether there are worthy objects in the environment of a Real Woman. When a woman thinks that there is “no one to choose from” and that there are no men around her who are worthy of her love, this may indicate that she is not yet ready to love. She wants something different. She may be afraid to love. And those "unworthy" men who are around only reflect her inner state. As soon as a woman matures to true deep love, the question “worthy - not worthy” ceases to be of paramount importance.

5. A woman's generosity for love attracts love to her.

If a woman wants to be loved, she must be able to saturate with love everything with which she comes in contact. Giving it, enjoying it, manifesting it, thinking and talking about it. Love should be inhalation and exhalation, not just inhalation. If you breathe out love, it will find you naturally.

6. Men are Gods.

Any man is God. Exactly. If he does not impress you as God, then you are "looking through the eyes" of the critical mind. God can only be manifested in him by one percent. In his life he has not yet met such a Woman who would breathe faith in himself into him. A real Woman sees Gods in men. A real Woman does not compete with men and does not prove her perfection to them. She does not alter them and does not educate them. She sees all the best that is in each of them. A real Woman loves, appreciates and respects men IN GENERAL, as a class. This position creates space in her life for interesting and worthy men.

7. In order to charm men, the Woman herself must be charmed.

If a Woman wants to inspire men, she herself must be in a state of inspiration. If a woman wants to ignite them, she herself must be a small flame. “Fascination” of a Woman is her falling in love with Life, with her little secrets, romance and mystery. It doesn't matter what the Woman is fascinated with. "Fascination" creates an inner light that is impossible not to feel.

8. Next to a Real Woman there is always a place for feat.

She creates it. A woman arouses in a man a desire to prove herself strong, not imposing on him the obligation “you must”, but gently inviting him to the fairy tale “Hero and Princess”. She creates the illusion of touching vulnerability and vulnerability, awakening in a man the desire to commit acts, the result of which will be her enthusiastic eyes and admiration for him. A real Woman prepares a man to commit acts gradually and imperceptibly, without doing anything for this, just being in the form of a gentle, fragile young lady.

9. The Real Woman does not participate in feminist sorority clubs.

A real Woman will not make generalizations like "All of them ...". She knows that all men are different. Each woman creates her own Universe, and she is surrounded by those men whom she attracts into her life. She will not fan the fire of sex war and revel in the imperfection of the universe. When talking with her friends about her man, she will not focus on his shortcomings, criticize and devalue him, making him unworthy.

10. A real woman can speak even unpleasant things correctly and kindly.

She tells them to men in such a way that it does not humiliate them, but pushes them to change for the better. It is a great feminine art to be benevolent even when it is necessary to talk about shortcomings and mistakes. What matters is not what the Woman says, but how she says it. She speaks with a sense of her own dignity and dignity of the person to whom she speaks. She knows that even criticism can be presented in such a way that it inspires a heroic deed. However, she always leaves the man with a choice: to change or not.