The harm that home appliances bring

We live in the age of information technology. Humanity is surrounded by various household appliances that are designed to make our life easier, but let's see if this is actually the case. Here are some irrefutable proof of the dangers of home appliances.


A person spends his precious time watching various programs and does not think about the harm caused by the TV. First of all, you could devote this time to doing more useful things, for example, playing sports. It has been proven that people who watch TV have vision impairments. Watching your favorite TV shows makes the person sit still for several hours, which leads to obesity. Recently, many channels began to "cloud" a person's brain, instilling in him completely unnecessary stereotypes of life. This acts on a subconscious level and people try to imitate the demeanors of their favorite characters, which are not always shown from the positive side.


Microwave is harmful if misused. If you follow these simple rules, the microwave will be a safe and healthy appliance for you.

Do not turn on the microwave with the door open.

Place a glass of water inside so that you don't accidentally turn on the microwave when empty.

Only use the device important to humans for its intended purpose.

Vacuum cleaner and air conditioner

The vacuum cleaner becomes a breeding ground for bacteria if the filter is not cleaned in time. This can lead to the development of various diseases and cause asthma. If you regularly clean the filter and empty the trash bag after each cleaning, you will be able to avoid troubles related to your health. Air conditioners cause colds and pneumonia. Air conditioners are especially dangerous in hot weather, when it is so pleasant for a person to stand near the device. Never come close to the air conditioner, especially if it is very hot.


They have the most serious impact on human health, and on the negative side. In addition to the fact that you spoil your eyesight, sitting for hours at the monitor screen, and spoil your posture, you force the nervous system to function actively. This can lead to nervous breakdowns and depression. The computer is especially harmful to children whose psyche has not yet had time to form. Most computer games promote violence and murder. Don't let your kids play computer games for hours. If your job is directly related to the computer, just follow simple rules to help you avoid health problems.

Get up from your work meta every 30-40 minutes and do a little exercise.

Do eye exercises every hour, such as looking one way, then the other, then up and down. This exercise helps preserve vision.

Limit yourself in watching videos that are negative and excite the nervous system. This will help you avoid stress and depression.

If you perform simple exercises, the computer will become your friend and a real helper, and most importantly, it will not harm your health.