Five of the most unusual types of winter recreation

You can surprise your friends with an unusual winter vacation not only at a popular ski resort, but, for example, by going to sunbathe on the "white beaches" of Siberia, conquer the waves in cold Iceland or meet on March 8 on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

In swimsuits in the cold, like on the beach

The most unusual tourist destinations today are directly related to the North. And they are laid both by representatives of travel companies for the formation of new tour packages, and by active travelers who perfectly independently cope with the task of organizing a lot of impressions from their winter holidays. Here is a series of photos from the album "White beaches of Siberia" on the social network Facebook.

One of the most striking examples in 2016 is a group of young people who popularized the "white beaches" of Siberia. Girls and young people from Buryatia, leading a healthy lifestyle and with a good level of training, of course, organized a photo shoot in the Pribaikalsky region on February 21.

The thermometer shows -20C. Participants of "I'm Siberian" are photographed in swimsuits. And a little earlier, Valentine's Day in bathing suits on snowboards in the Sheregesh mountains at a temperature of -15C was met by another group of young people. The same actions took place in other cities of Russia. Filming in the cold was carried out in Zheleznogorsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Sheregesh.

The fashion for "white beaches" originated back in 2012 and has already grown into a tourist destination. To popularize local beauty among foreign tourists, it is even planned to publish booklets with photographs. We decided to show that the mountains in Altai and the unique Baikal are no less beautiful than the most popular tourist resorts in the Alps.

March 8 on the shores of the Arctic Ocean

The MyArctic-expeditions company distinguished itself with a unique tour for the strongest representatives of the fair sex. As part of the tour, on March 5 in Naryan-Mar, the capital of the Nenets District, the start of the women's expedition is planned, accompanied by an instructor. On snowmobiles, the girls will go to the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

The journey will last until March 9th. During this time, the brave members of the expedition will overcome 650 kilometers along the Nenets tundra, visit the most remote settlements of the Arctic, take part in ice fishing in the Barents Sea and climb to the very top of the lighthouse at Cape Svyatoy Nos. Such a journey, perhaps, can be made only once in a lifetime, but it is definitely remembered forever.

Conquer the waves - to Iceland

No less ambitious plans for a vacation with a group of surfers, who are not the first time destroying the stereotype that surfing can only be done on the sunny California coast. In a publication for Marie Claire, Catherine Castro talks about how to conquer the waves in the ice-covered Icelandic fjords.

The team of girlfriends first got together three years ago when 26-year-old French surfer Lee-Ann Curren, who won the European surfing champion at the age of 19, came from this cold and beautiful country with her friends as a tourist.

Leigh Ann Curren's role model has always been her father. And the athlete herself already has impressive results.

The passion for conquering the waves is in the blood of the girl. She is the daughter of legendary surfer Tom Curren. And one of her extreme friends, a local surfer Oya, also a snowboarding professional, was floating on the waves, being in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Crazy weekend in the Arctic

If in Iceland we are talking about private tourism, then in Russia they began to popularize the North among local and foreign tourists at the state level. In the short term - the development of detailed proposals for the Arctic. For the past New Year holidays, representatives of the leading travel companies of Russia gathered in Naryan-Mar and were the first to test the possibilities of Arctic tourism.

A trip to the Arctic opens up the life of local residents in a completely unexpected way.

The offer for tourists was named more than eloquently "Crazy weekend in the Arctic". This tour package has already been included in the Silver Necklace of Russia route. You can visit the reindeer herders' camp, see how the representatives of the small indigenous peoples of the North live, try local food, ride snowmobiles and chat with a real shaman. If you are a citizen of Russia, it is as easy as shelling pears to do it. Air carriers have already formed convenient direct flights.

However, for foreigners, they also discussed the issue of introducing visa exemptions. You can get to the Russian northern lands not only by plane from Moscow, but also by sea. As part of the cruises, ships arrive at the ports of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Zarubino in the Primorsky Territory. For example, tourists from South Korea can get to the port of Zarubino on the New Blue Ocean ferry.

This issue will be resolved as soon as the proposal of the Ministry of Culture is approved at the legislative level. However, you can not wait for the decision of the deputies, but go to conquer the North on your own as part of an individual trip.

Now the visa-free regime is valid for foreign tourists who arrive at the Big Port and the Passenger Port of St. Petersburg, as well as the ports: Vyborg, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Korsakov, Novorossiysk and Sochi.

Private expeditions to the North on all-terrain vehicles

In the Arctic, locals organize snowmobile races. And newcomers, as a rule, extreme travelers, who are not afraid of either frost or lack of roads (in winter, with a persistent subzero temperature, only winter roads are used to this area - despite the round-the-clock watch of rescuers, not the safest roads, at least for ordinary passenger transport) going to conquer the tundra on off-road vehicles. On local roads outside settlements, you can move only on floating all-terrain vehicles Trekol.

In 2014, Alexey Mochalov made a grandiose expedition to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Back in 2013, during a previous trip, he left his 2013 LR Defender Volok on the ice of the Pechora near the village of Labozhskoye.

Alexey Mochalov described his journey in detail in the LJ blog. With friends Evgeny Shatalov and Alexei Bratenev, the travelers decided to try out the old postal road that connected Mezen and Pustozersk.

The Defender car was successfully returned home, and as a result of the trip the film “Expedition Indiga. On SUVs through the tundra ”, which was ready a year later.

P.S. Perhaps the exploits of foreign and Russian men and women, for whom extreme is a way of life, will also inspire you to one of the options for an unusual winter vacation. Share your ideas in the comments!