Extreme hobbies of youth - art or games at the cost of life

Adrenaline in the blood, masterfully performed spectacular stunts and admiring glances around. Not all extreme hobbies of modern youth can be described in this way. Let's see who is a professional and who is simply risking their lives?

Hookers - a headache for railroad workers

Such a phenomenon as hooking came to Russia from the West with a delay of about a decade. True, in terms of the number of victims among the adherents of this dangerous and reckless hobby, Russia and other CIS countries have already managed to catch up and overtake the West. Today, for this reason, no less adolescents and young people die than in previous years.

Fines and warnings to snaggers in no way deter the fact that in the event of a tragedy, the train driver is obliged to report the incident and personally inspect the scene. Torn and bloody pieces of flesh are a difficult sight even for the most stable psyche.

On Moscow trains, hooks are not uncommon. In pursuit of adrenaline, young people go for ever more risky stunts. For example, running on the roof of a moving train, jumping from carriage to carriage and hovering in the air when the train turns, holding on to the edge of the roof with one hand. They themselves believe that there is no danger.

Even after friends die before their own eyes. In one of the publications of Kommersant.ru, the well-known sociologist Alexander Tarasov explained that banal disobedience lies at the heart of catching. Hooking is not a sport.

And this video on the roof of a subway train on the left bank in Kiev last summer was made by one of the local extreme lovers. Almost 6.5 million views. There will probably be more.

And this video was watched by over 23 thousand people. Two teenagers ride on the roof of a city bus amid general disapproval.

Roofers - off line hackers

Roofers are the very guys who now and then strive to climb onto a crane or a roof at a high-rise. Another question is who is doing this and for what purpose. The main goal of real roofers is to bypass the security system and get to the desired object. A kind of hackers, only off line.

Once again conquering new heights, you strive not at all to contemplate the opening panorama, not to get a new dose of adrenaline - all this passes after several such "ascents", and in order to again experience that special feeling of the "forbidden fruit", the opportunity is there, where others do not have access, say experienced roofers.

Vitaly Raskalov turned his occupation into a real art.

There are really few such roofers who travel all over the world, make stunning video and photo reports. All the rest for the most part run into the irritated remarks of residents of high-rise buildings, the roofs of which they try to choose and not always successfully.

The philosophy of parkour

For tracers moving along the city streets in any of the extreme ways, the urban landscape is a continuous strip of obstacles that can and must be overcome. The main motto is higher, further, better. In parkour, unlike hooking, a completely different philosophy is to perform tricks for which there is both moral and, most importantly, physical readiness.

This principle has been followed all his life by David Belle, the leader of the world parkour movement. Both David's grandfather and father served in the fire brigade. His father Raymond was a highly professional lifeguard and an outstanding athlete and certainly played a decisive role in his son's worldview.

David Belle

And David, in turn, devoted himself to sports, leaving school for this at the age of 15. For him, not just sports results have always been important. He sees sport as a tool to maximize the strength and dexterity of the body in order to use them in an emergency to save lives.

In many freerunning competitions, stunts, spectacular and often exceeding the complexity of the elements of the official Olympic program, are performed without any insurance. Significantly, serious injuries are extremely rare. The secret is simple. Those who are fully committed to this craft train regularly, competently and throughout their lives.

Tracers in Russia

With the light filing of David Belle, parkour entered not only the life of modern people, but also cinema. The most talented and experienced tracers find themselves in the film industry, become stuntmen, and stuntmen, in turn, learn to be tracers. By the way, in France, parkour is taught to the military, police and firefighters, and in England, some elements are studied by schoolchildren in physical education lessons.

In Russia, parkour has long grown into a powerful and numerous movement. One of the brightest examples of film work, shot with the participation of Russian tracer Sergei Valyaev, leader of the Moscow indie group Biting Elbows, was the film by Ilya Naishuller and Timur Bekmambetov "Hardcore" (world premiere - September 12, 2015, Russian - April 7, 2016).

Valyaev is a cameraman and co-producer of the film. A few years ago, two of his viral videos "Insane Office Escape" and "Bad Motherfucker" were popular on the Internet, where he performed almost all the tricks on his own.

Sergei says that he became interested in parkour when he saw how skillfully they perform tricks in one of the TV stories. Ten years ago, there were no suitable conditions in the country for the development of parkour - gymnasiums, and even more so public support. The training tracers were looked at with apprehension rather than admiration.

Nevertheless, the pioneers did their job, learned from their own mistakes and gradually honed their skills. Proper training and regularity is a simple secret thanks to which modern young people are quite capable of achieving the results that their more mature comrades have been pursuing for several years.

P.S. Sergey Valyaev, in the publication of the youth Internet site Furfur, notes that it is important for beginners today not to chase after spectacle - this will come with experience, but to remember why all these complex and sometimes dangerous stunts are being performed. First of all, you need to be strong and enduring, fast and dexterous in order to be able to protect yourself and a loved one in the event of an extreme situation, and, possibly, save your life.