Ancient buildings in India that are stunning for their purpose

Who was in India know that there is an incredible number of architectural structures. The various palaces and temples are magnificent. One can feel the greatness of the ancient builders and imbued with respect for their talent.

When you first look at these pictures, you think that this is also some kind of temple or palace. Only then do you pay attention to the details and realize that something is wrong here. The building goes into the depths and below you can distinguish bright green water.

It turns out that we have before us an old rainwater harvesting system. These are unique underground wells. The depth of these stone structures reaches twenty-five meters. They are created as charitable projects by wealthy people in India to help solve the problem of protracted dry spells. During spring showers, water accumulated in these wells and residents could use it for their own needs. Some of the wells are filled with groundwater.

For a thousand years, the Indians have used these buildings to conserve water. They are now abandoned. Most of the wells have dried up due to the uncontrolled use of groundwater.

Some wells are supported for showing to tourists, but mostly these are landfills with garbage that local residents dump there.