Actual earnings on the Internet for 2016

Do you want to earn decent money on the Internet? Tired of fulfilling penny orders? Today we offer an up-to-date way of making money for 2016, which will require minimal knowledge from you. It is almost impossible to reach a stable and regular income without your own web resource. This is what will be discussed in the article.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Study the market. You will see that sites in various directions are very popular, the main thing is interesting material. Let's highlight the main advantages of making money on creating a website:

Financial investments are minimal. You are required to pay regularly for the domain and hosting. This is no more than $ 5-7 per month.

Earning money on a ready-made web resource can be combined with the main job.

With the passage of time and the gradual development of your site, you can completely automate the entire process. At first, you will have to work hard on your resource in order to attract readers, but this is a matter of time. The main thing is to approach your work with soul. You don't have to be a programmer to create a website. Now there are a lot of builders that literally in 2 clicks allow you to create a website. Experts recommend creating a website for making money on the WordPress platform. Over time, it will be possible to place ads and switch completely to passive income.

Website creation

Popular resources on which you can earn

Internet magazines, portals

Information web resources

Online Stores

Entertainment sites

What determines the site's income?

TIC, which determines the authority of the resource. Depends on third party sources that link to the site. It's not the number of links that matters, but the quality.

The number of pages that are indexed in the search engine.


Age of the site.

To succeed, you should regularly post interesting and unique information on your resource. Some people prefer to buy links - a great option for promotion, but requires an investment of money. There is another way to promote. Search for similar resources on the network and negotiate with the administration about the exchange of links. For example, you post a link to their resource and they link to yours. Naturally, the top sites will not answer you, since everything is fine with them, so you should look for "average" ones who are unlikely to refuse your offer.

Contextual advertising is the most popular type of earnings on the site, which is also relevant for 2016. You place an ad on your resource in the form of a link or an ad unit from an advertiser, and he transfers money to you. You can set your own ad display by registering with Google Adsense. It is much more difficult to get into the Yandex advertising network. The company's management requires a certain threshold of views per day from the site, they look at the content and authority of the resource, the uniqueness of the materials.

Teaser advertising. If you have achieved consistently high traffic, you can make money on teaser ads. These are miniature pictures with inscriptions that you post on your resource. Teasers are a great source of income for entertainment resources.

Sale of banners is an analogue of contextual advertising, only not links and advertisements are shown, but pictures. Payment is charged for the number of clicks.

Affiliate programs are another way to make money. You can find an ad network for any resource. Each program has its own terms of payment. Some pay for the number of trades made, while others pay for transitions. For example, if you become a partner of a banking institution, then for each issued loan, you receive your set interest.