Hollywood actresses who care about age

A woman who is over 40 years old often shrugs off questions about her age, believing that the best time is over. Many Hollywood stars perceive their "wealth" in a completely different way. Many of them have turned 40 a long time ago, and in appearance they have practically not changed. But maybe a little.

Tea Leoni is already more than 50. But she still looks attractive, pretty and youthful. The actress speaks simply about her secret of preserving youth: eating healthy food and sports activities with intense physical activity.

In addition to proper nutrition and physical education, Pamela Anderson does not exclude plastic from her life. She is well over forty, but she remains the sex symbol of the United States, however, now only telling funny stories about the period of her finest hour in "Playboy".

Speaking of the eternal beauties of Hollywood, it is impossible not to mention the pop diva Madonna. At 50, she can be given all the same 30 or 20s with a tail. I wonder how she does it? To begin with, the singer is one of the richest women in the world. This gives you a big advantage in trying to eat right and spend a lot of time pilates and swimming. Madonna does not indulge in drugs and alcohol, eats steamed dishes, drinks a lot of water, considering all this to be the main ways to prolong youth.

Sandra Bullock never ceases to amaze her fans. Using a minimum of cosmetics, eating 6 times a day (in very small portions) and doing kickboxing, the actress is happy to show off her toned forms and beautiful skin.

Catherine Zeta-Jones considers a low-carb diet and gym to be the foundation of her youth. From cosmetics, a sexy beauty prefers grandmother's recipes, consisting mainly of natural ingredients.

Naomi Watts also prefers naturalness in everything. She is a supporter of vegetarianism and active jogging, pilates and bikram yoga.

The eternally young Jennifer Aniston adheres to a healthy and correct lifestyle. She conquered the audience in the TV series "Friends", since the release of which a lot of time has passed. However, Jennifer is still attractive, slim and cheerful.

Courteney Cox also keeps up with her "friend" on the show - after 50 she is still sexy and charming. Without swimming and tennis, massage and moisturizing masks, it would be difficult for her to “preserve” her age.

Few would believe that Elizabeth Hurley is already over 50. Tightened skin, luxurious hair, a slender figure are the result of the use of organic products that are grown on the actress's own farm. Plus, get a good night's sleep in the fresh air and exercise regularly.

Keeps track of her figure and, in general, the appearance of Demi Moore. Today, when she is over 50 years old, she is quite "competitive" with the young stars of Hollywood: no wrinkles, a chiseled figure and beautiful hair and teeth. The mother of a rather large family is engaged in fitness, yoga, and monitors her diet.

Julia Roberts looks great thanks to her natural optimism, the use of olive oil for cosmetic purposes, water skiing and step aerobics.

Uma Thurman, Tarantino's favorite actress, also celebrated her fortieth anniversary long ago. Her name corresponds to the external data that keep youth and freshness - "bestowing bliss."