Amazing mountain goats

They are simply not aware that their way of movement is contrary to all the laws of physics, logic and nature. The most important thing is not to tell them about it.

Each type of animal occupies a special niche in the environment. Mountain goats have chosen for themselves a niche that is extreme and unattainable for other animals - almost sheer mountain cliffs. These amazing animals can be found in the mountains at an altitude of 5.5 km above sea level.

Mountain goats are agile, hardy, careful, but also brave. They live in families or small herds.

In the mountains, wild goats are not afraid of predators, but they feed on the vegetation that the mountains can provide - mosses, lichens, shrubs, grass. A special treat is mineral deposits.

Mountain goats have bifurcated hooves, while in the center they are soft, and at the edges they are hard and hard, this allows them to distribute their weight and hold even on the minimum mountain ledges.