Kakomitsli (lat.Bassariscus)

The structure of the body of this animal resembles a fox, movements - a squirrel, habits - a cat, and color - a raccoon. Because of what there was a confusion with the name.

The Aztecs once nicknamed the beast Cacomistle, which can be translated as "half mountain lion", the English researchers - the cunning chanterelle and the miner's cat (in the mines, the animals caught rodents no worse than cats), the Americans - the ring-tailed. The latter turned out to be closer to the truth - kakomycli has nothing to do with cats and squirrels, he is from the raccoon family. The relationship is confirmed by the characteristic color of the tail. But unlike the raccoon, Kakomytsli spends most of his life on a tree.

Thanks to the movable joints, he turns his hind legs almost 180 degrees. This allows you to climb not only up, but also upside down even on a vertical surface and conquer narrow crevices in the rocks. The animal rests its paws on the opposite walls of the crevice and, like a parkour champion, climbs up.