The last three wishes of Sultan Suleiman before his death

Before his death, Sultan Suleiman called the commander-in-chief of the army and expressed his three wishes to him:

1. He bequeathed that his coffin be carried in the hands of the best healers of the Ottoman Empire at that time.

2. His second desire was that gold coins and precious stones should be scattered all over the path along which they would carry his taboo.

3. He bequeathed that his hands stick out from the tabut and be visible to all.

When the commander-in-chief of the army, in confusion from what he had heard, asked him the reason for such wishes, Suleiman Qanuni explained everything as follows:

Let the best healers carry my taboo and let everyone see that even the best healers are powerless in the face of death.

Scatter the gold I earned, let everyone see that the wealth that we receive from this life remains in this world.

Let everyone see my hands and understand that even the Padishah of the whole world - Sultan Suleiman Qanuni left this life empty-handed.