Selected quotes from Donald Trump

Selected quotes from Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, owner of a $ 3.5 billion fortune:

“I have a big enough member to run the state.

Money has never attracted me by itself. For me, this is just a way to measure success.

I do business as art. Someone draws on canvas or writes poetry. And I make deals - usually big ones.

When I close a deal, I never forget about the worst possible option and whether I can survive it. You should not think about the positive outcome of the transaction - the good can take care of itself.

The only way to get rich is through realism and utmost honesty. You need to part with the world of illusion, which exists only in the pages of magazines and on TV screens. Everything is not as easy as you are assured. Life is tough and people get very seriously injured. Therefore, if you want to win, you need to be as strong as flint and ready to work with your elbows and fists.

Many people say that I behave like a gambler, but I have never gambled in my life. A gambler is one who revolves around slot machines in a casino. I prefer to own these machines.

Never take a vacation. Why do you need it? If work is not enjoyable, then you are working in the wrong place. And I, even playing golf, continue to do business.

The second most important event in the life of every man is the day he buys a yacht, and the greatest event in his life is the day he sells it.

It seems to me that the main problem of the United States is the desire to be politically correct.

We live in a world where people are sure that a good person has nothing to do in politics.

It seems to me that when we started to build the new building of the International Trade Center, we should have built the same building, only one floor higher, and not invent stupid projects.

You should not burden your children with the burden of undeserved wealth. It will break their lives.

There is nothing more criminal than coming up with a good idea and not implementing it.

My motto is: "Hire the best - and don't trust them in anything."

If your boss is a sadist, fire your boss and find yourself a new job.

Life has taught me a very important lesson: the one who once betrayed, in difficult times will again betray you.

We only seem civilized to ourselves. In fact, the world is cruel, and people are ruthless. They may smile at you, but behind the smiles hides the desire to finish you off. Jungle predators kill for food - and only humans kill for fun. Even friends are happy to stab you in the back: they need your job, your house, your money, your wife - and your dog, after all. Enemies are even worse! You must be able to defend yourself.

Only losers enjoy victory. "