BMW announces the appearance of new engines

BMW has announced the appearance of a new line of three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines of the Efficient Dynamics family. The new engines will be adapted for both front- and rear-wheel drive BMW and MINI models.

The new power units will be equipped with dual turbocharging, direct fuel injection system, Double Vanos system. The turbochargers of the new engines will be integrated into the intake manifold. In the new gasoline engines, the injection system will be changed, the fuel lines and the pump will be improved. In addition, injection pressure will be increased in the new engines, which, in addition to increasing efficiency, will have a positive effect on environmental performance.

Another innovation of the new engines will be a cooling system with separate circuits for the head and cylinder block, which, together with new balance shafts, an integral timing chain and an L-shaped drive belt for the generator, pump and air conditioner compressor, will reduce fuel consumption by 5%. as well as an increase in power by 7 hp. and 20 Nm compared to similar motors of the current generation. The timing of the appearance of new power units in BMW will be announced additionally.