19 wacky questions about the human body

Long gone are the days when you tried to dig your navel and stuff your nose with peas. But even the most adult person still has a lazy curiosity about the structure of his body. Why is the ear so round? Where does the hair go from the top of your head? Why do we only have three hands? Some questions are answered by specialist doctors, others - by life itself. And life very often lies. We will now debunk or confirm some of the popular medical mythology.

Do carrots really improve vision?

The Roman emperor Caligula believed that carrots aroused men and made women more pliable. One day he fed the entire Roman Senate with a large amount of carrots to watch how the senators began to copulate with each other, unable to withstand the longing of love. This story has nothing to do with vision - but what if you wonder about it? In general, no matter how much you consume carrots, you will not get rid of your glasses. There is an inverse relationship: if at all viciously do not eat either carrots or any other food containing at least a drop of vitamin A, then it is quite possible to go blind.

Is it true that an accidentally swallowed gum is not digested, but remains in the stomach for seven years?

Chewing gum can last longer if swallowed, if, of course, they manage to improve their life, start a family and organize a parliamentary republic. Alas, in the harsh reality, gum has not the slightest chance of a long and happy life inside you: your dastardly body is designed in such a way that everything that cannot be digested is immediately deported outside in the most humiliating way. Moreover, chewing gum even helps to speed up this process: sorbitol, used in it as a sweetener, works at the same time as a laxative.

Is it harmful to crunch knuckles?

Helpful! Real, experienced crunches with knuckles will confirm: this activity can give you rare satisfaction. At the same time, it is especially pleasant to see the martyrdom on the faces of those present. However, crunching your fingers too often can backfire. Such as, for example, a sprain and a decrease in the grip force of the fingers. And this disgusting sound, by the way, arises from the fact that air bubbles burst in the synovial fluid around the joints.

Why does the nose run out from spicy food?

Because nasal mucus also has a limit of patience, it is not ready to forgive you any cruel trick and at one point it just runs away from you, ungrateful ... And all because spicy food contains capsaicin - a substance that causes severe irritation of the nasal mucosa ... It is full of it in almost any kind of pepper, and it doesn't matter if you ordered a pizza with chili or jalapenos, the nose will run equally intensely. But wasabi is also a spicy thing, but there is no capsaicin in it, so the nose remains dry from it.

Why is it that some people have a bulging navel and some the other way around?

Because some of us descended from monkeys, while others are actually just androids, ineptly worked by aliens. True, it remains to be seen which of us, convex and convex, is more real. Until then, one has to assume that the shape of the navel depends solely on how it was healed. If quickly, then he does not have time to be drawn inside, so this funny clumsy button remains sticking out.

Why do bags under the eyes appear from fatigue?

We personally like this version: unspoken tears of self-pity accumulate there. Doctors, however, boredly argue that dark circles and bags under the eyes appear as a result of the fact that the skin there is thinner than anywhere else on the body, and therefore the venous blood of the swollen vessels, completely darkened from severe fatigue, becomes easily noticeable. The thickness of the skin under the eyes is not only inherited, but also age-regulated. Therefore, in children, blue under the eyes appears less often than in adults.

Can the penis be broken?

Of course, it's a bone! That is, we would like to answer this way, backing up our words with statistics and reports from Stanford University. But alas. Doctors-idealists firmly believe that there are no bones in the penis. However, they also recognize that it is easy to break this important organ. Sharp bending of the penis while erect can damage the corpus cavernosum responsible for erection. Most often this happens, you will not believe, during sex. Such an injury is an emergency and requires an immediate trip to the hospital. The operation to restore the penis is a simple thing, the surgeons assured us.

Why do men need nipples?

To get pierced, of course. In addition, at the very beginning of development, even in the embryo, men and women first develop in the same way. For about six weeks, development follows the female path, then the androsterone hormones begin to act in the male embryo. And only then does the embryo begin to grow overgrown with all male characteristics. As a result of these perturbations in men, nipples remain, and at the same time a little breast tissue. Men can even develop breast cancer, but this is a rare disease and is usually very easy to treat.

Can oil be applied to the burn?

He won't give you change, so why not give it a try? However, if you suddenly want it to be less painful and heal faster and faster, then the oil will not help here - on the contrary, it will retain heat in the skin and prolong the pain. It is better to first place the burnt place in cold water, and then lubricate it with an antiseptic ointment for burns. In the absence of ointment, you can make a compress from honey and boiled potato peel - you should have had a little left after making a potato casserole with honey.

Why do teeth chatter from the cold?

To scare the wolves gathered around you with clearly gastronomic intentions. However, there is another version. The average body temperature, optimal for cell function, is 36.6 ° C. If there is even a minimal shift in temperature, a part of the brain called the "hypothalamus" reacts to it. When the body gets too cold, the hypothalamus sends a command to the entire body to heat up. It is then that the frequent movement of muscles begins in order to warm them up, that is, tremors. Chattering teeth are a consequence of jaw muscles trembling.

If I sit on the toilet in a public restroom, is there anything I can pick up there?

You might as well be afraid that the toilet will bite you. Compared to this scourge, gonorrhea, eczema and intestinal acne are sheer nonsense. It is not easy to get infected with all this in a public restroom: it is more realistic to fish with a fishing rod for 20 kilos of salmon than with the buttock - a viable gonococcus. By the way, you might find it interesting that latrine door handles have three times more germs than toilet seats.

Since we are talking about toilets ... why, after a smoked cigarette, you want to sit on them?

Is it gut bacteria trying to escape the harmful effects of nicotine? Well, if you need the right answer, then know that alkaloids, including nicotine, have a laxative effect, because they also stimulate the nerves that speed up intestinal contractions.

Why do stars dance in front of my eyes after being hit on the head?

When struck hard, the brain moves inside the skull. And when its part responsible for vision (located, by the way, on the back of the head) hits the cranium, a short-term collapse occurs in the system of transmission of visual perception. Instead of a clear picture of what is happening, we see flashes, stripes and star-shaped flares.

Why do men feel sleepy after sex?

Perhaps this is an instinct inherited from male rotifers, which immediately after fertilization of females throw back their skates, because they are not suitable for anything else. Or maybe it is worth taking into account the fact that as a result of orgasm in both men and women, approximately the same substances are released into the bloodstream: oxytocin, prolactin, gamma-aminobutyric acid and endorphins. They all have a relaxing and hypnotic effect. But in women (even if they experienced an orgasm for real, and did not simulate it), their system of sexual arousal opposes the action of hormones, which completely stops functioning only half an hour after the end of intercourse.