11 types of sexuality you've never heard of before

The world is becoming more complex and multifaceted. Almost every day, new words appear for things that we did not even know about before. For example, it turns out that the types of human sexuality are not limited only to "hetero", "gay" or "bi" options, there are many more. There are a dozen more different sex orientations in the world, which reflect the intimate preferences of some modern people. Many of these orientations are highly specific.

1. Asexuality

Asexuals are people who are not sexually attracted. Absolutely. Asexuality is not the same as conscious abstinence from sexual activity. Asexuals may have sex under the influence of social prejudice or seeking to satisfy the desire of a partner, or to procreate. However, they do not feel any emotion at the same time. Asexuals can celebrate the physical attractiveness of others without feeling sexually attracted.

2. Aroma

Aromantics are in some way the opposite of asexuals. While asexuals can love and experience romantic feelings without sexual desire, aromantics, on the contrary, do not feel any emotional connection with their partners. For them, sex is just a physiological process without any romance.

3. Greisexuality

Greisexuals are people who are somewhere in the middle between "ordinary" and asexual. They are more susceptible to the influence of mood: they can experience sexual attraction only in certain circumstances or to a certain type of personality. At the same time, greisexuals can be either heterosexual or homosexual.

4. Demisexuality

Demisexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional attachment to another person. Moreover, this affection does not have to be romantic at all.

5. Demiromantic

A demiromantic, by analogy with a demisexual, is a person who is able to experience romantic feelings only after establishing a close emotional connection with another person.

6. Pansexuality

Pansexuals are people who can be attracted to absolutely all individuals, regardless of biological sex and their own gender identity. Unlike bisexuals, who are attracted to both men and women, pansexuals are absolutely “gender blind” in relation to their partner and their own gender. They may be attracted to men, women, transgender people, intersex people (people who are undecided about their gender).

7. Polysexuality

Unlike pansexuals, who are completely indifferent to their partner's sex, polysexuals are more selective. For example, a polysexual may not be able to feel attracted to men, but reciprocate with a transgender.

8. Panromantic

Pan-romantics are people who are attracted to men, women, as well as intersex and transgender people, but only romantically, without sexual overtones.


Lithromancers are people who are capable of feeling romantic love for someone, but do not want reciprocal feelings.

10. Scoliosexuality

Scoliosexuals are people who are exclusively attracted to transgender people.

11. Antisexuality

Antisexuals can and do experience sexual attraction, but they are ideologically consciously opposed to sex.