How Nikola Tesla predicted our world

In 1926, Collier's magazine published a conversation with the inventor Nikola Tesla. The content of the conversation at that time was shocking - and even now it is very curious.

We are publishing this stunningly interesting essay in which the great scientist showed his talent as a seer and guessed much of what we can see now, in our time.

The life of bees will become the rule for the human race, says the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. A new sexual order is imminent, in which women will play a dominant role. We will communicate instantly using simple handheld devices. Airplanes will fly in the sky, controlled without the participation of people - by radio. Huge reserves of energy will be transmitted over long distances without wires. Earthquakes will be more frequent. And some of these startling events are short-lived, Tesla says.

Nikola Tesla is 68 years old. He sits quietly in his office, studying the world that he has changed with his own hands, and predicting other changes that will inevitably occur due to the progress of humanity. Tesla is a tall, thin, ascetic man who wears dark and looks out over the world with calm, deep-set eyes. He can afford the luxury, but he lives modestly and chooses his diet with amazing care. He drinks nothing but water and milk, and has not smoked tobacco since his youth.

He is an engineer, an inventor, and besides all this, he is also a philosopher. And, despite his obsession with the practical application of everything that a gifted mind can learn from books, he never forgot the dramas of human life. In fifty years, he says, the world will be different from what we see now, much more than our present world - from what we saw half a century ago.

Tesla came to America when he was still young and his genius was quickly recognized. Thanks to his revolutionary electrical devices, he made money and built several factories - first in New York, then in Colorado and Long Island - where he began to conduct countless experiments that led to a variety of important (and not so) advances in electrical science.

“Since the advent of wireless systems, ” he says, “I have realized that this new art will bring more to humanity than any other scientific discovery, because it actually destroys distances. Most of the disasters from which humanity suffers are caused by the colossal size of the globe and the inability of nations and people to come into close contact. "

Wireless transmission will allow these close contacts to be achieved through the transport of intelligence, our bodies, materials and energy.

“The whole world will turn into a huge brain. We will be able to communicate with each other almost instantly, regardless of the distance. Moreover, with the help of television and the telephone, we will be able to see and hear each other as beautifully as if we were sitting face to face, despite the distance of thousands of miles; and the devices that enable us to do this will be strikingly simple compared to our phones today. A person will be able to carry such a device in his pocket. We will be able to watch and listen to events - presidential inauguration, sports championship, earthquakes or battles - as if we were there. "

“When wireless power transmission is commercialized, there will be a revolution. We have already transmitted movies wirelessly over short distances. But then - just a few years later - the distance will be unlimited. Images are already being transmitted by wire, using the telegraph. But when wireless power transmission becomes widespread, all these methods will seem as primitive as a steam locomotive compared to an electric train. "

Borders will be destroyed

All railways will be electrified, and steam locomotives will be in museums. There will be flying machines that do not carry fuel on board and will be free from all the constraints of today's airplanes and airships. We can get from New York to Europe in a few hours. International borders will for the most part be destroyed, unification and harmonization of the various races inhabiting the earth will begin. Wireless technologies harmonize the interests of different countries, provide understanding instead of disagreement. Modern systems of power will become obsolete.

Tesla foresees tremendous changes in everyday life. We will be able to print the daily newspaper at home wirelessly every morning. Home control - heating, lighting, mechanics - will be done automatically.

“I foresee the emergence of flying cars the size of a car, and I believe that Mr. Ford will make a great contribution to this cause. The problem of car parking and road construction will be solved. Parking towers will appear in our cities, and the roads will either be widened out of necessity, or will be completely unnecessary when civilization changes its wheels to wings. " And the reserves of the heat of our planet - which are indicated by frequent volcanic eruptions - will be used for industrial purposes.

One of the main changes in the future, Tesla considers the change in the position of women. “Even a person without sociological education is clear that a new attitude towards gender discrimination has come into the world. Women's struggle for equality will lead to the creation of a new sexual order in which women will take the leading role. ”

“Women will achieve equality, and then domination, not through a primitive physical imitation of men, but through the awakening of the intellect. From the very beginning of history, the subordination of women led to a partial atrophy of mental qualities, which, as we now know, the female sex is endowed no less than the male. "

The Queen is the center of life

“The female mind has demonstrated the ability for all the intellectual achievements that men are capable of, and this ability will be expanded. The average woman will be no less and then more educated than the average man. Women will ignore the past and amaze civilization with their progress. "

“The gradual assimilation by women of leadership and new areas of activity will dull female sensitivity, suppress the maternal instinct. Marriage and motherhood, perhaps, will begin to cause disgust, and human civilization will increasingly come closer to the perfect civilization of bees. "

The principle that dominates the bee economy - the most organized and intellectually coordinated form of irrational animal life - is the immortality instinct that replaces motherhood with the divine. The queen is the center of bee life. She dominates the hive - and not by inheritance, but because she is the bosom of this insect race.

Sterilizing Race

The Bee Hive is based on huge, sexless armies of workers whose only purpose and happiness in life is hard work. This is the ideal of a socialized, cooperative life. Further, there are females in the hive, which are kept in case the queen bee disappoints the hive. And there are drones, which are few, and who are tolerated only because they are necessary for the fertilization of the uterus. Only the strongest of them reaches this moment - and then dies. And the queen returns to the hive, carrying tens of thousands of eggs with her, the future bee city, and begins a new cycle of reproduction.

Imagination refuses to admit that such a prospect is possible for humanity as well. But if you think about how the instinct of humanity to immortalize its race dominates our lives, then why not allow that, thanks to the intellectual breakthrough of women, this instinct will finally express itself in the manner of bees? Of course, it will take many centuries to change the habits and customs of the people that block the path of this simple and scientifically organized civilization.

But we are already seeing it start in the United States. In Wisconsin, sterilization of offenders and premarital screening of men are required by law. All that remains is to wait and wonder what will become possible when scientists finally have their say.