Cool phrases for dating girls

Cool phrases for meeting girls - a small selection of cool expression phrases for a non-standard approach to girls, thanks to which you can bring a smile on a girl's face, or just stun in general, we try to look at the reaction and replenish the collection with our personal ones. grateful)

And so let's start:

- girl, and you believe in love at first sight, or I should come up a second time.

- Girl, guess what your name is?

- Have you young people crawling at your feet before?

- Girl, let's argue with you for $ 100 that I will now invite you to spend the night, and you refuse?

- Girl, you probably know. I bought pasta, but I don't really know what to do with them (if clarification followed, proceed further: "Is it possible, I will always consult with you?").

- Girl, girl, can I walk with you, otherwise all sorts of harassing me, asking for documents?

- Girl, what shoe size do you wear? -... 38th ... - Well, here we are!

- Girls, have you seen the Motorola pipe here ??? That's bad luck, yesterday the car keys, today Motorola ...

- Excuse me, girl, does your mother need a son-in-law?

- I looked in the dictionary for a synonym for the word "beautiful" - your name was there too ...

- How was paradise when you left?

- Sorry, I forgot my phone number. Can't you borrow yours?

- What do you think an interesting young man should say to a pretty girl when meeting on the street so as not to be rejected?

- Girl, you are very beautiful, and beautiful girls must be multiplied.

- Girl, can you tell me how to get to your heart?

- Would you like to buy you a drink or do you prefer to borrow money?

- Maybe I'm not the cutest guy here, but the only one who talks to you.

- My feeling for you is endless, like an energizer bunny that works and works.

- Excuse me, will you give me your phone number? I lost mine.

- Girl, will you tell me how to get to the children's crematorium "snowflake"?

- I'm a visitor. Can you tell me how to get to your house?

- You must have been the ringleader. At least you turn me on terribly.

- Do you want me to tell you my recipe for good love? It is necessary to coolly knead a piece from me, a piece from you, and serve the dish hot.

- You must be tired: all night running after me in a dream.

- You will be a tree, and I will gently hug you like a koala.

“You don’t have a coin?” Mom told me to call as soon as I meet the girl of my dreams.

- My name is ______. Remember this name well - this is what you will repeat all night.

- I collect signatures of the most beautiful girls. Would you mind putting your own?

- What stop should you go to? Push me to the ultimate.

- I think I found your wallet. And it is not empty.

- How much is your smile worth? I would buy one!

- Old, kaneshna. But you simulate such a situation like you pick up a denyuzhka from the floor near her feet. "Girl, is this your hundred? Not yours ?? So I found it! Let's drink together!"

- I have a groom for your dog. Or maybe for you.

- Can you tell me the time? My clock is running in the opposite direction.

“You obviously don't like men. I must admit, too.

“The pouring rain is good for you.

- Don't answer the call. This is me.

- I heard that with whom you lead, from that you will gain. I liked you so much that I decided to get some from you.

- I am a seller of happiness. Do you want to sell at cost price?

- Do you want me to pump you with a breeze on the escalator?

- I have something with my eyes - I cannot take them away from you.

- I have amnesia - I haven’t come up to you yet?

“You don’t have a thread to start our friendship right here?”

- You are so beautiful that I forgot the phrase with which I wanted to approach you.

- You could not smile: It’s dark outside.

- Let me walk you home. At least with a glance.

- Walk past her, then turn around sharply and ask: “Didn't you just pinch my ass? .. No? .. Damn! Sorry…"

- Remember me? You and I met in your dreams. True, then I was in a helmet and on a white horse.

- Call an ambulance"! Cupid just shot me.