Nikola Tesla. Some personal memories

The possibilities of willpower and self-control drew my vivid imagination tremendously, and I began to discipline myself. If I had a cookie or a juicy apple that I wanted to death to death, I gave it to another boy and experienced Tantalum torment, with pain but also satisfaction. If I was faced with a grueling task, I would pounce on it over and over again until I did. This is how I practiced day after day, from morning to night. At first this required a strong mental effort against inclinations and desires, but as the years passed, this contradiction eased, and finally, my will and desire became one and the same. Such are they today, and this is the secret of all my success. These experiences are so closely related to my discovery of a rotating magnetic field, as if they were an essential part of it; if not for her, I would never have invented the induction motor.