Combat helicopters of Russia (Photo review of helicopters)

Combat helicopters of Russia - this is the name of this photo review dedicated to the most famous combat helicopters, which deservedly enjoy world fame. You probably know that Russia ranks first in the world in the military helicopter market. And if you don’t know, then we’ve found out.

The share of Russian aircraft produced by the Russian Helicopters holding, which is part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation, is 23% on the planet. Is this not a reason for pride?

KA-52. Alligator

One of the first handsome men in flight ... All-weather round-the-clock combat helicopter, command helicopter of the army aviation. Serial production is carried out by JSC AAK "Progress" (Arsenyev, Primorsky Territory).

Development of the Ka-52 helicopter based on the attack Ka-50 began in 1994 and already in September 1994 a model of the new helicopter was presented, which was first shown at the MAKS-1995 air show. The first flight of the Ka-52 prototype took place on June 25, 1997, the pilot was A. Smirnov. The first helicopter of an experimental production batch made its first flight in Arseniev on June 27, 2008.

The first three helicopters of the installation series were delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2009. The program of state tests of the Ka-52 was completed in 2010. In 2011, deliveries of serial Ka-52 helicopters to the Air Force began. In November 2011, the program of state tests of the Ka-52 with a modernized sighting and navigation system - with the Arbalet radar - was successfully completed.

Kamov looks at the tanks like ... well, you get the idea. In 2011, 12 vehicles were built, and the last four were equipped with an airborne radar station (BRLS) "Crossbow". In March 2012, Oboronprom and the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the supply of Ka-52 helicopters.


"Lacquered" handsome man. The Mi-171 is designed to solve a wide range of tasks: transporting passengers and cargo, transporting bulky cargo on an external sling, conducting search and rescue operations, and evacuating victims. The following versions of the Mi-171 helicopter are produced at U-UAZ: transport, passenger, VIP, fire-fighting, ambulance and rescue.

VIP option

As you can see - even a VIP. That is, the helicopter has a very wide field of application, both in "civilian" and "army". Nevertheless, the Mi-171Sh multipurpose helicopter, developed by the Mila Design Bureau, is a vehicle designed mainly for transportation and operational disembarkation (up to 36 paratroopers), as well as transportation of 12 wounded on stretchers accompanied by medical personnel.

A rare photo: landing from the "17-shka" in flight.

The helicopter is designed to effectively destroy armored ground (tank type), surface, stationary and mobile, small-sized, including air targets, and is also capable of carrying out amphibious, transport, ambulance and other special missions.

Like other products of the Russian Helicopters holding, the Mi-171 Sh aircraft are actively exported. In 2010, Russian Technologies supplied 6 such helicopters to the Peruvian Ministry of Defense, and last year Sri Lanka received 14 helicopters.


One of my favorite devices. An absolutely unforgettable thing - hefty, powerful and only ours: no other genius even came close to the performance characteristics of this giant.

Transport and cargo helicopter. Developed by OKB im. M.L. Mile. The first flight was made on December 14, 1977. Serially produced and produced by the Rostov Helicopter Plant ("Rostvertol"). As of 2011, a total of 310 cars were produced. As of 2011-2012 the helicopter remains the world's only serial transport helicopter with a lifting capacity of over 20 tons.

Payload: 85 soldiers or 60 wounded on stretchers with 3 escorts; or 20, 000 kg of cargo in the cab or 18, 500 kg of suspension.

Mi-26 transports the fuselage of Tu-134

And also a handsome man surrounded by an escort from "Alligators"

Mi-28NE "Night Hunter"

The Mi-28NE combat helicopter is a deep modernization of the Mi-28 combat helicopter, which was developed taking into account many years of operating experience and combat use of the Mi-8/17 and Mi-24 transport and combat helicopters.

In 1993, for the first time in the history of Russian helicopter engineering, it performed aerobatics - "loop" and "barrel". The Mi-28NE differs from the prototype by a fundamentally new integrated complex of onboard electronic and instrumental equipment, which ensures the possibility of conducting combat operations at any time of the day, as well as various other means of increasing combat effectiveness and survivability. The Mi-28NE is equipped with a new multi-flow main gearbox and upgraded engines.

"Night Hunter" "is intended for search and destruction in conditions of opposition from tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as low-speed air targets and enemy manpower at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.

Swimming is not the only thing synchronized.

The approximate ratio of the dimensions of the 26th and the "Hunter"

HAVOC at work

An agreement was signed at the Machine-Building Technologies forum, according to which Rostekhnologii can now independently repair French engines that are installed on Russian Ka-226T and Ka-62 helicopters. At the same time, there will be a service for servicing our helicopters and abroad.