Why is bricks the perfect weapon?

Why is bricks the perfect weapon? - 27 facts that will justify its use)

1) Brick is cheap.

2) Brick is available.

3) A brick does not need a permit.

4) No special conditions are needed for storing bricks.

5) The brick does not need an upgrade.

6) No bullets, no cylinders, no cartridges, no batteries are needed for a brick.

7) The brick not only looks like a real one, but it is


8) Brick always looks impressive.

9) The brick has a very good stopping effect.

10) The brick does not have to hit exactly the eye, throat or knee.

11) A brick tied to a rope becomes a weapon

mass destruction.

12) You cannot breathe a brick when it


13) PPSniks will not find fault with a brick. Even if you carry it in your hand.

14) Your child won't shoot a friend if you accidentally

leave the brick on the table.

15) Brick can be broken - half is enough


16) From two dozen bricks, you can make a bulletproof vest.

17) You can sit on a brick.

18) You can grill kebabs on two bricks.

19) Three bricks make an excellent trap for

Georgian mouse.

20) The brick is silent.

21) The brick has unlimited ammo.

22) Brick can be used as a means of general


23) Brick does not need maintenance and does not break.

24) Brick never misfires.

25) The use of bricks is possible without any training and

reading boring instructions.

26) At the sight of a brick, you never have thoughts of


27) Brick is not registered by metal detectors