PL-01: thermal and radio invisible Polish tank

The widespread introduction of combat drones in the armed forces of different countries calls into question the rationale for the existence of heavy ground equipment, the same main tanks. Unless the tanks themselves will learn to become invisible and will actively defend themselves. The PL-01, the concept of just such a combat vehicle, was presented last year by the Polish military concern OBRUM together with British colleagues from BAE Systems.

The PL-01 is covered with a material that absorbs radio waves, plus it is equipped with a thermal camouflage system. This system reads the temperature readings from the terrain surrounding the tank and changes the heating of the hexagonal plates on the surface of the tank, hiding the heat trace of the vehicle. In addition, the system can project the thermal footprint of the tank, for example, into the forest, while the PL-01 itself will look like a regular car to the drone's sensors.

Paired with a smoke screen and active defense missiles, this significantly reduces the vulnerability of the tank. Plus, the PL-01 has an additional modular turret and chassis armor. Another element of protection is the all-round radar and laser sensors of the hazard detection system.

The armament of the PL-01 is a 120 mm cannon, which also fires active projectiles. If necessary, it can be replaced by 105 mm. Plus one coaxial and one turret machine gun, remotely controlled.