Kusarigama - Unusual Killing Defense Weapon

Kusarigama. Kusarigama consists of a kama sickle, to which a shock weight is attached with a chain. The length of the sickle handle can reach 60 cm, and the length of the sickle blade - up to 20 cm. The sickle blade is perpendicular to the handle, it is sharpened from the inner, concave side and ends with a point. The chain is attached to the other end of the handle, or to the butt of the sickle. Its length is about 2.5 m or less.

The technique of working with this weapon made it possible to strike the enemy with a weight, or to entangle him with a chain, and then make an attack with a sickle. In addition, it was possible to throw the sickle itself at the enemy, and then return it with a chain. Thus, kusarigama was used in the defense of fortresses.