Man is a Creator. The Path to Authenticity (Strong Article)

Most people's lives are like Groundhog Day. Early rise, standing in traffic jams, eight hours of office slavery with a break for lunch, traffic jams again, evenings with beer and TV or the Internet, drunk Friday, on weekends a trip with family and children to a shopping and entertainment center ... A series of holidays from year to year, winter holidays, February 14 and 23, March 8, May holidays, Victory Day, summer, vacation, birthdays, New Year and all over again.

Social zombies live by the principle "Consume, Reproduce, Live for the Weekend!" Or “Consume, work, die, ” to put it more bluntly. Working days, then leisure at the monitor or in a drunken company or in pursuit of a new purchase, a portion of sex or a dose of entertainment, and the next morning work again, and so on in a circle.

They live in anticipation of graduation from school, then a university or technical school, then a wedding, and - before spending the rest of their years waiting for retirement and calculating mortgage payments - when children are born and grow up, who will also wait for school to end., then a university / technical school, when there is a wedding, mortgage payments will be paid, their children will grow up, who will also live according to the above scenario ... If only they do not want to interrupt such an existence by moving towards a lofty goal.

The universe of the majority is based on three pillars - the desire to dominate, sexual satisfaction and the desire to live tasty and satisfying life. Power, sex and money are the “Holy Trinity” of the modern unconscious religion, three hooks that prevent one from getting off the “Matrix”, three parasites that pump human energy, “gasoline” of the System. These three elements, like the three heads of a mythical serpent, are interconnected, mutually powered and support each other. Strengthening one leads to saturation of the other.

If the essence of the life of the Man-Consumer is work, entertainment, reproduction and consumption, then the Man-Creator characterizes, as the name implies, the creation of something new and useful, which improves, develops and harmonizes the world around him. Consumer is a man of the masses, of whom the overwhelming majority. There are many fewer creators, but they are the ones who set the world in motion. Consumers do not decide anything themselves, they follow trends. Creators - set trends.

The Consumer Man only takes, uses values. He is looking for a high in consumption [entertainment, sex, shopping and show-off]. The Man-Creator himself creates values, and experiences a thrill in creating something useful.

A Consumer Man sees happiness by achieving external goals - accumulating wealth, acquiring property, etc. The Man-Creator finds happiness in creation.

The Consumer Man listens to society with its programming, lives in the reality created by TV and the media, thinks as prompted from the screen / monitor. The Man-Creator listens first of all to himself, has his own strong reality based on what he has learned and seen himself.

Confidence, attitude and value system of the Human-Consumer rests on the reactions of others and the value of his property. That is, I am confident in myself as long as others treat me well, do they give me women [and which ones], do I have an apartment [and which one], do I have a car [and which one], how prestigious is my work, what brands do I wear, what device I use to talk ... and so on.

Confidence, attitude and value system of the Man-Creator rests on who he is, what he can do, what he does, what he creates useful.

That is, the inner core of the Man-Creator is based on the level of the mission, and the confidence of the Man-Consumer is at the level of property and the reaction of others, i.e. on transient values. If what these values ​​are based on collapses, then confidence collapses.

The Consumer Man needs work for his livelihood and entertainment. Moreover, he will realize himself and identify his personality with the way he spends his leisure time. For the Man-Creator, work [almost always] is the realization of his personal mission.

The meaning of life of the Man-Consumer: to work - for the sake of money, money - for the sake of entertainment and acquiring show-off, show-off - for the sake of getting sex and raising a sense of his own greatness. Well, and reproduce their own kind. What is the meaning of the life of the Man-Creator?

Create and leave behind something that will be useful and will outlast it. Create and leave behind what will make the world a better place.

The Consumer Man measures his dignity by the size of his home, the brand of his car, smartphone, suit. The dignity of the Man-Creator is measured by the usefulness of his deeds - what he produced, what he built, what he created, how much real benefit he did with his deed.

In other words, the Consumer Man respects himself for what he has, and the Creator Man - for what he does.

In our opinion, true self-worth is not the achievement of external goals, it is not a car brand, not a dwelling area, not branded clothes and fashionable devices, not an amount in a bank account and not how many women you had. The true intrinsic value that will remain after the death of a person is the fruits of his creative labor.

Getting rid of Consumerism as a way of life and the path to Creation goes precisely through the comprehension of social programming and, as a result, through self-knowledge, finding harmony with oneself, self-sufficiency, and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness comes to a person when he stops chasing “ideals” and goals imposed on him, accepts himself and things as they are and lives “in the moment”.

“True courage lies not in heroic efforts to achieve external goals, but in the determination to go through the terrible experience of confronting oneself. Until the individual finds his true essence in himself, any attempts to give life meaning through manipulation in the external world and the achievement of external goals will remain fruitless and ultimately doomed to defeat by quixoticism "- this is how psychologist and philosopher Stanislav Grof put it. ...

Here I do not want to be misunderstood. I am not saying that “money is evil”, “money-grubbing is a sin”, one must give up earning money, go to the mountains for enlightenment, and be poor, but righteous. Undoubtedly, money is very important, as it gives relative material freedom. But making money is not a goal in a global sense. This is ensuring your life. In particular, this applies to cases when the money earned is worth nothing, it is mined just to be used for entertainment and unnecessary things. The purchase and accumulation of "status" property is also not a goal, this is consumerism.

A person who sets the goal of his life to earn as much as possible and buy expensive property will sooner or later find himself in a situation where he realizes that he has things, but there is no meaning in life. That all the gloss, luxury and glamor cannot replace the feeling of happiness, joy, the feeling that he really lives.

External well-being does not mean internal happiness, such a person will not feel satisfied, no matter what wealth he surrounds himself with. That is why many top businessmen, politicians and show business stars are trying to drown out their inner vacuum in alcohol, drugs, social events and sexual perversions, which the media love to talk about, passing off this "status" pastime as signs of a "beautiful life."

To put it simply and in short, you should strive not to achieve success, but to ensure that your life has meaning.

It is wonderful when a person manages to combine material wealth with inner satisfaction. But just for this it is necessary - to ignore the pressure of society and look for oneself. How to come to creation? There are no universal recipes. The main thing is to listen to yourself, look for, even by trial and error, your niche, and do in life what you love, what you do best, and what benefits people.

It doesn't matter what you create - design or build buildings, paint pictures, music or books, create another creative product, build a useful business, teach or give advice - it doesn't matter. The main thing is to create with love what you love and what you do best. Even if you do not bail out income from this in cash, all the same, life with meaning, with a positive goal is much richer than the races of consumers for a new dose of pleasure, sex and show-off, more meaningful than the dull existence of ordinary people. This life, in comparison with the previous one, takes on completely different, bright colors.