Instructions, instruction manual for girls

Instructions, instruction manuals for girls, all drivers will be incredibly fun reading the following details:

1. When choosing a girl, you do not need to drive her into a hole.

2. First of all, it is recommended to estimate the year of manufacture by eye. you should be very careful, because the girls independently carry out pre-sale preparation - and often the appearance does not correspond to the true state of affairs. It is especially recommended to be wary of overhaul: plastic surgeons (female bodywork workers) work wonders. Artificial age increase due to cosmetics (for girls it looks somewhat different) and body kit are even more dangerous: for the exploitation of too young creatures, one can answer to the fullest extent of the law.

3. The interior will not be shown to you right away. So while you can safely look closely, for example, to the chassis. and more attentively. Balancing won't help here. And if one continuous collapse

without convergence - even the repairers are powerless.

4. On the body: the presence of scratches should not confuse you. One of the few advantages of girls over a car is the ability to regenerate the surface. If there are dents, it's worse.

5. Direct flow for girls is not a plus at all.

6. A streamlined body, too.

7. Front and rear bumpers must match in size.

8. Checking the rigidity of the suspension, resting your hands and pressing on the body, is not worth it, at least at the first meeting.

9. It is not recommended to immediately ask about the number of previous owners. Get into the engine compartment too.

10. And the main mistake: do not try to flash your brains right away: the peculiarity of the girl is that she can spontaneously turn on the back one (which she will do). however, like any other transfer. Girls on the machine are rare and easy to use - it is not necessary to draw up manuals about them.

11. The correctness of the sequence and content of their actions can be checked by instruments. The following devices act as devices: mouth (in an extended position means satisfactory operation of all systems - you are on the right track), eyes (if it leaks, this is just as bad as in a car), etc.

12. First of all, it is necessary to adjust the fuel supply system. fuel can be: dinners in various establishments (vending machines with coffee in the service station hangar are not the best idea), cinema tickets (this is where the afterburner was shown on the big screen), theater (a large gray building not far from a gas station on the way to work), small gifts (for example, lifting cream - this is the name of the women's anti-corrosion product). You can ask about the preferred fuel at the facility itself, they are talking.

13. After you are sure that the quality of the mixture is quite satisfactory, which is confirmed by the corresponding indicators of the instruments and the quiet operation, we proceed to the ignition control. Here you have to pant. Climb into the engine compartment and lie under the bottom. Girls get turned on in different ways. Warm up too. So it’s only empirically. By the way, suction is present in all good quality models. Very good ones still know how to use it. You should not be confused that it works according to a completely different scheme than in a car. Do not panic about this. Relax and have fun.

14. Have you got it? Warmed up? Test Drive. Note that it is not enough for a long union that it suits you. It also needs you to come up to her, so put a lot of effort into it.

15. Power in girls is not the main thing. passability shouldn't bother you too much. Pay attention to dynamics, handling, maneuverability better.

16. And most importantly: the brakes. many girls do not have them. You will have to adjust and adjust the handbrake for a long time. The only time when you can completely let go of it is directly when driving.

17. ABS is also a luxury. many skid hopelessly.

18. If everything suits you: you can go to tuning. Here I am not your advisor. Purchase and install devices to your liking and hers.

19. Do not forget about a warm guarded parking lot, high-quality consumables, an anti-theft system and accept the fact that from now on you have even less time and money.