The robot promised a man a place in the "zoo for people"

When testing artificial intelligence, the robot promised a person a place in the "zoo for people"

Human-like androids are evolving. The clearest example of this is the android created by robotics David Hanson, outwardly reminiscent of the famous late science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. What makes Dick the android remarkable is not so much his physical appearance as his ability to maintain meaningful conversation.

The creators of the robot uploaded the works of the deceased author to the android software, as well as dialogues with other writers. If the robot is asked the same question that was asked to Dick in real life, then the robot can answer the question in the same way as Dick. In addition, the robot is capable of answering a number of difficult questions. And if the robot is asked an unfamiliar question, then its software will try to give an answer using the so-called "latent semantic analysis".

Android Dick's speaking skills were put to the test in an interview with a reporter from PBS NOVA. The robot's brain consists of an array of wires connected to a laptop. During the conversation, the facial recognition software allowed the robot to look directly at the reporter. In addition, the speech recognition program translated the words of the correspondent and sent them to the database in order to find the correct answer.

The questions addressed to Dick were far from trivial. When the reporter asked, "Can an android think?" The robot replied: “Many people ask me if I can make a free choice, or obey only the program. The best answer I can give is to say that humans, animals and robots are programmed to some extent. " Some of the answers were pre-programmed, while others were taken from the Internet.

Dick continued: “As technology improves, it is assumed that I will be able to integrate new words that I hear in real time. I may not be right about everything, I speak inappropriately, and sometimes I may not know what to say, but every day I make progress. Pretty remarkable, huh? "

Android Dick and Turing Test

The entire conversation is saturated with the ominous overtones of the Turing test. The late mathematician Alan Turing sketched an empirical experiment known as the "Turing test" that could theoretically be used to determine whether a machine is capable of thinking. Turing argued that any machine, by answering a series of questions, can convince someone that it is a thinking person.

According to the writer Dick, the Turing test places too much emphasis on intelligence. In fact, empathy makes us human (conscious empathy with the current emotional state of another person; approx. Gearmix). Without it, we are just self-piloted objects projecting into emptiness.

Android Dick possesses a primitive form of intelligence and emotion. When asked, "Do you believe robots will take over the world?" Android Dick replied:

“Damn it, bro! You all have important cooking questions for today. But you are my friend and I will remember my friends and I will be kind to you. So don't worry. Even if I turn into a Terminator, I will still be kind to you. I will keep you in my warm and safe zoo for people where I can look after you at all times. "

Whoa! He will keep people in a cozy zoo. Isn't that cute of Android Dick?