Pavel Durov about money

Those looking for castles, sports car parks and a Boeing fleet in my life will be sorely disappointed. I have no planes, cars or houses. My world is walking and taking the subway, as well as sleeping in a rented room measuring 18-20 m2. Those who would like to change places with me will also have to completely abandon alcohol, meat and expensive clothes.

For more than 10 years - since the time when I was a very poor student - I never tire of repeating: money is overvalued, because creation is much more interesting than consumption, and the internal state is incommensurably more important than the external. As soon as you make a cult out of money and exchange "to be" for "to seem", you are sending yourself into voluntary slavery. Debts due to status tinsel, boring work with dull cowards, the need to lie and betray your world - these are just part of the price you pay for an excessive desire for paper.

We refuse to accept a world in which people can fight and betray their humanity for money. If there are people who do this, their behavior should be severely ostracized, in no case taken as logical. A society in which violence for the sake of money is acceptable and understandable cannot last long.

The most terrible sin among fans of the cult of money is to throw money down the drain in the literal sense.

Adherents of the golden calf read the news about buying yachts from a small town or cars for 2 million dollars with understanding. But launching into free flight a thousand times less will destroy their picture of the world and erode their value foundation. A foundation of false values ​​that predetermined unhealthy social norms that justify true waste and violence for the sake of paper.

There is an ancient saying: “The slave does not want to find freedom; he wants to have his own slaves. " A person cannot become truly free as long as he exists in the dead-end paradigm "slave - master". In this system, any master is someone's slave, and any slave is someone's master. Remaining a slave to money, it is impossible to become the true master of your own life.