Why can't you boil water twice?

Water is literally the source of life, accounting for 80 percent of our body (in babies - 90%), therefore, the most stringent requirements must be applied to its quality.

Unfortunately, the water that enters our homes through the water supply system contains not only its beneficial properties, but also contains chlorine elements, various heavy compounds and harmful impurities, which even modern filters cannot always cope with. And underground spring waters, according to experts, in the current conditions of soil pollution do not guarantee the crystal purity for which they were famous.

One of the main ways to disinfect and improve the quality of consumed water was and remains its boiling, in which many bacteria are killed, the chlorine content decreases, and the water becomes softer. But…. Numerous studies of boiled water have shown that heavy metals do not disappear with this method of water treatment, and some chlorine particles can come into contact with other elements and turn into very harmful substances.

If the same water is boiled several times, which is often practiced especially in offices and enterprises at lunchtime, then the concentration of such compounds dangerous for the body increases each time, and the proportion of useful oxygen compounds decreases to a minimum. In other words, water from “living” and useful (even relatively) turns into “dead” and harmful.