10 powerful body language hacks you can use

10 powerful body language hacks you can use as a simple tip in the psychology of success.

Carol Kinsey Goman - Ph.D., author of 12 books, some of which have been translated into Russian ("Body Language for Leaders", "How to Understand the Interlocutor without Words", "Non-Verbal Advantage"), as well as a consultant on management technologies for the world's leading corporations. is engaged in executive training, writes a column in the American Forbes.

Sit up straight

Carol says that upright posture affects not only how other people perceive you, but how you think about yourself. A study by Ohio State University has shown that a straight back makes a positive impression on the people around you. But the most important thing is that in this position you yourself begin to feel more confident. Social experiments showed that flat-backed employees were more confident in their professional qualifications than their hunched-over counterparts.

Choose cold drinks for important conversations

Yes, it sounds a little strange, but the temperature of the drink you are holding in your hands can affect how you perceive your interlocutor. Scientists from Yale University conducted an experiment in which it turned out that people holding a warm drink in their hands think of their unfamiliar partner as someone who is trustworthy. This leads to a tendency towards more generous and gentle actions, which sometimes interferes with business meetings. Therefore, during serious negotiations, Carol recommends holding cold water or iced coffee in your hands.

Remember to turn on the left hemisphere of the brain

Experienced and young athletes alike often succumb to performance pressure before competing and make one simple mistake: they focus too much on their right-brain movements instead of relying on their automatic left-brain motor skills. A study by the Technical University of Munich found that right-handed athletes who squeezed the ball with their left hand before trying to try performed better and were less likely to fall off.

Relax your face by reading email

Carol cites research from the University of California, which found that people who read emails with furrowed brows perceive their content from a more negative attitude. Therefore, sit in a comfortable position at a comfortable distance from the monitor and let your facial muscles relax in order to objectively treat the offer received by email.

Nod to the beat

You've probably heard that mirroring the other person's movements improves communication. However, scientists at Stanford University are expanding this topic and scale it up to the whole team. They argue that the synchronized movement of team members brainstorming while discussing a common problem helps to find a more creative solution. Research says that even a simple, simultaneous head-shake enhances collaboration and helps you find breakthrough ideas.

Shake hands with your partner before meeting

A good old handshake defines a long-term warm cooperation. The Harvard Business School found that people who shook hands before negotiating ended up making fairer deals than those who got down to business. It is also important that after the handshake the parties were less prone to deception.

Know that people with low voices earn more

Scientists from Duke University studied the earnings of 800 CEOs of American companies and traced a very interesting pattern: reducing the voice frequency by 22 Hz increased salaries by $ 187 thousand. As a rule, people with a low voice are perceived as more powerful, and, accordingly, become them. Let us recall at least the voice of Darth Vader with a frequency of 85 Hz, from the sound of which many knees began to tremble in childhood.

Tune in advance

If you have ever taken part in a theatrical production, then you know perfectly well that it is necessary to go on stage already in character. The same goes for other public speaking, usually work-related. Why? Scientists at the University of Glasgow calculated that the brain manages to assess the emotional state of a person in just a fifth of a second. During this insignificant time, you will not be able to hide your fear by going out to the public unprepared. Enter the necessary emotional state in advance and anywhere, even in a public toilet.

Do not be afraid of pats on the shoulder

Numerous experiments aimed at boosting sales have shown that a simple touch of a manager to a customer increased the time a customer spends in the store, and with it the average check and shopping satisfaction. The same picture is typical for the restaurant business. For example, research from Cornell University found that customers who felt the touch on their shoulder tip heavily. The rule applies to other areas of life, the main thing is to act carefully so as not to seem overly stubborn or familiar.

Clench your fists in difficult times

Do you feel like you are losing control of yourself, are you running out of willpower, or are you unable to resist the environment? Just clench your fists! Thus, you will regain your composure, you will be able to make a choice or perform a difficult action. And it doesn't matter what kind of tissue will be tense: the muscles of the hands, fingers or calves. This is evidenced by joint research by the National University of Singapore and the University of Chicago. Spirit and body are one!