Windows 10 - new surveillance data from Aeronet

Meanwhile, the Czech publication Aeronet conducted a detailed analysis of Windows 10 activity, selected the most interesting:

1. The system every 30 minutes sends to Microsoft all the text that you type (not only in search). Thus, if you, for example, wrote somewhere about a vacation, then you will be shown the corresponding advertisement.

2. It also sends your location and connected network every 30 minutes.

3. If you dialed a phone number in the Edge browser, it will be sent to MS within 5 minutes.

4. If you have written the title of a movie anywhere, for example, then Windows will automatically start scanning your media files and send information about them to Microsoft.

6. After the first connection of the webcam, Windows also sends data about this to MS. Most likely your photo.

7. Whatever you say is automatically sent to Microsoft, even if you disable or uninstall Cortana. The fact is that it is sewn into the core of the system.

8. Blocking IP through hosts will not help: addresses are hardcoded in DLLs.

And the legendary function is back))

And some more rzhaki)