Wi-Fi is harmful to human health

In the United States, scientists have determined that mobile gadgets and frequent use of Wi-Fi negatively affect the human condition. Experts said that it disrupts all metabolic processes in the body, and causes the development of cancer cells in a healthy person.

In addition to the possibility of a negative impact on a person of new gadgets, the entire external environment suffers greatly from the action of mobile devices. For example, scientists have proven that under the influence not of weather conditions, but of mobile towers that emit electromagnetic radiation, the bark begins to creep from the trees.

In addition, radiation that comes from radiation from Wi-Fi supply points and smartphones causes the development of neurodegenerative diseases and the formation of cancer cells. Nor is it news that electromagnetic radiation causes skin irritation and headaches, fatigue. And this destructive effect occurs, as experts say in this way: Wi-Fi routers and smartphones send radiation, which creates a reaction in the body that produces reactive oxygen. After that, living cells begin to oxidize, and this creates a threat of the formation of malignant neoplasms.

Frequent use of mobile phones and laptops can lead to infertility, especially in men. Radiation of electromagnetic rays from mobile phones in a person begins to destroy the activity of the brain (proven by scientists at the National Health Institute).

Symptoms that most often occur in people with hypersensitivity are: damage to the nervous system (tension); skin (rashes; body (muscle pain); eyes (fatigue, conjunctivitis) Scientists will continue to research to come to a consensus on how dangerous newfangled gadgets are for each of us and the planet as a whole.