There are 7 rules of cleanliness in the East

In the East, there are 7 rules of cleanliness. Take a note:

1. "Cleanliness of hands". This means not taking too much. It also means the fortieth, tenth or other part of the income that should be given to those who need it.

2. "Cleanliness of the ears." This means not listening to people who are scared, angry, fussy, etc., and also to protect your hearing from foul language, gossip and empty talk.

3. “Purity of the eyes.” This means to protect the eyes from hatred, from anger, from envy and lust.

4. "The purity of the language." This means protecting your language from excessive verbosity and foul language. "Silence is gold".

5. "Cleanliness of body and clothing." This means keeping the body and clothing clean.

6. "Purity of thoughts." This means getting negative thoughts and evil thoughts out of your head. It also means not showing pity for yourself. Why feel sorry for yourself? Isn't it better to cheer yourself up for bright undertakings?

7. "Purity of soul and heart." This means to cherish and guard your spiritual impulses and not to ignore them. Love and do not demand anything in return. Love is already happiness in itself.