Unusual physical capabilities of substances

There are many amazing things and unusual materials in the world, but these may well qualify for participation in the category "the most amazing among people invented." Of course, these substances "violate" the rules of physics only at first glance, in fact, everything has been scientifically explained long ago, although this substance does not become less surprising.

Physics Violation Substances:

1. Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid from which very curious and intricate shapes can be formed. However, while there is no magnetic field, the ferrofluid is viscous and unremarkable. But as soon as it is influenced by a magnetic field, its particles line up along the lines of force - and create something indescribable ...

2. Frozen Smoke Airgel is 99 percent air and 1 percent silicon anhydride. The result is a very impressive magic: bricks hanging in the air and all that. In addition, this gel is also refractory.

While almost invisible, the airgel can hold almost incredible weights, which is 4, 000 times the volume of the consumed substance, and it is itself very light. It is used in space: for example, to "catch" dust from comet tails and to "warm" astronaut suits. In the future, scientists say, it will appear in many homes: a very convenient material.

3. Perfluorocarbon is a liquid that can hold a lot of oxygen and is, in fact, breathable. The substance was tested back in the 60s of the last century: on mice, demonstrating a certain degree of effectiveness. Unfortunately, only a definite one: laboratory mice died after several hours spent in containers with liquid. Scientists have come to the conclusion that impurities are to blame ...

Today perfluorocarbons are used for ultrasound examinations and even to create artificial blood. In no case should the substance be used uncontrollably: it is not the most environmentally friendly. The atmosphere, for example, "warms up" 6500 times more actively than carbon dioxide.

4. Elastic conductors are made from a “mix” of ionic liquid and carbon nanotubes. Scientists are not overjoyed with this invention: after all, in fact, these conductors can stretch without losing their properties, and then return to their original size, as if nothing had happened. And this gives reason to seriously think about all sorts of elastic gadgets.

5. A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid that can be walked on: it hardens when force is applied. Scientists are looking for a way to apply this ability of a non-Newtonian fluid to the design of military equipment and uniforms. So that the soft and comfortable fabric becomes hard under the action of a bullet - and turns into a bulletproof vest.

6. Transparent aluminum oxide and at the same time a strong metal are planned to be used both for creating more advanced military equipment, and in the automobile industry and even in the production of windows. Why not: it can be seen well, and at the same time it does not beat.

7. Carbon nanotubes were already present in the fourth paragraph of the article, and now - a new meeting. And all because their possibilities are really wide, and you can talk about all sorts of charms for hours. In particular, it is the most durable of all materials invented by man.

With the help of this material, ultra-strong filaments, ultra-compact computer processors and much, much more are already being created, and in the future the pace will only increase: super-efficient batteries, even more efficient solar panels and even a cable for the space elevator of the future ...

8. Hydrophobic sand and hydrophobicity is a physical property of a molecule that “seeks” to avoid contact with water [1]. The molecule itself is called hydrophobic in this case.

Hydrophobic molecules are usually non-polar and "prefer" to be among other neutral molecules and non-polar solvents. Therefore, water on a hydrophobic surface with a high wetting angle is collected in drops, and oil, getting into the reservoir, is distributed over its surface.