Profession sales representative

The profession of a sales representative became public quite recently, almost no one had heard of such a position before. However, even now, seeing a vacancy for a sales representative on message boards, not everyone understands what is at stake.

A sales representative is a specialist in the sale of a particular brand of goods. The duties of a sales representative include the sale of manufactured products and the conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale. In fact, this is a company manager who plays an important role in the promotion and promotion of the company, and also ensures the level of sales.

Nowadays, this profession is quite common, as any company that releases goods for sale must have a sales representative. In our country, this is a fairly relevant area of ​​activity, recently the market has seen a demand for specialists of this specialty, despite the fact that a lot of specialists graduate annually.

Sales representative demand and salary

The average salary of a sales representative ranges from 35-44 thousand rubles. The salary of such an employee usually depends on the volume of sales carried out by him.

These specialists are in demand in the labor market, and many enterprises require qualified sales representatives.

The work of a sales representative is mobile - he has to constantly move around the points of sale. Specialists of serious companies travel by car, so such work requires driving skills.

Personal traits of a sales representative

A sales representative is a job that does not require special qualifications. However, when applying for a job, preference is given to graduates of economic universities, in particular, those who have completed their studies in the specialties "Management" and "Trade". However, the main thing for a sales representative is having the necessary qualities. A person with a good gift of persuasion and oratory skills can achieve success in this matter. Also, a sales representative should be sociable and friendly, be able to find a common language with people of different ages, gender and social status. In addition, such an employee must be stress-resistant, responsible, purposeful and organized.