Takumi / Takumi are incredible masters

In Japan, "takumi" refers to people who have perfected their skills over the years and reached the heights of excellence in their profession. At Nissan's Yokohama engine plant, four employees were honored with the takumi title. Surprisingly, these four assembled all the engines for the renowned Nissan GT-R sports car series.

Their names are: Takumi Kurosawa, Tsumeni Ooyama, Izumi Shioya, and Nobumitsu Gozu. Together, they have worked at this plant for 100 years, fully devoting themselves to their beloved work. These wizard minders hand-built each of the 545-horsepower turbocharged V-6 engines that power the production Nissan GT-R racers. Professional racers and mechanics know that each of these engines has a plaque bearing the name of the craftsman who assembled it, and Nissan's Yokohama plant has become a benchmark in production efficiency through takumi craftsmanship and, of course, constantly improving technology. For almost 80 years of its existence, the plant has produced more than 35 million engines, including

including the extremely powerful VR38 found in the Nissan GT-R.