Aren't all patterns random?

Aren't all patterns random? What is happening around us is like programmed events.

Every day we are surrounded by events. Every day there are billions of new activities that saturate our lives. This resembles a program, which means that the program has operators that control development and bankruptcy, which is described on the website

An example of the simplest program. Let's consider. We take the ball, aim, throw it, it flies and hits the target. This is the simplest program in which all the listed components are operators. Ball, hand, person, target, gravity, planet, wind.

When we throw the ball without aiming, and it hits the target, the question arises. How did it come about? It is an accident? And if you were prevented from leaving him? A gust of wind flew in, and rejected the flight path. What if the target was a window? And here's luck, the person did not hit. Lucky.

Why is all this said? Why is such luck? Hundreds of random events happen every day, and some of them seem to us not accidental. They seem to us to be a lucky coincidence, extraordinary patterns, luck, and just a coincidence.

From time to time it seems to us that without the supreme forces, this has not been done. Some firmly believe in such miracles, and some do not. Knowing the basic aspects of programming life events, their operators, one can easily assume that the coincidences are not accidental. Sometimes they are in the nature of signs. That is, they are. Through them life, nature, the natural program of life, gives us signs and corrections. Approves or disapproves of our choice.

Be more attentive to the manifestations of the soul of nature, and life will become even brighter and more interesting.